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    Tons! My faith in God is very important to me. Right now, I help out with children's ministry at my church. I also enjoy anime, comics, creative writing, fanfiction, roller-skating, The Walking Dead, The Hunger Games, cooking, sleeping, laughing, and more! I'm an ambivert --mix of extrovert and introvert. I love being around people, and I also enjoy solitude.

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  1. Your post to 4800 was well-written and well-stated. Couldn't agree more!

  2. Hi LMNolan, just wanted to encourage you to continue with your prison ministry. I think that's awesome that you do that work, and we need kind-hearted people who can work in prisons to help the people there. Keep up the awesome work!

    1. LMNolan


      Thank you =) I plan on continuing with the prison ministry and will even be an outside team leader for the next walk in March! It's my career that I was unsure of what to do. Thank you for the encouragement! 

    2. greengrapes


      You're very welcome! That sounds great that you'll be leading in the spring time. What does an outside team leader do? With your career...don't worry. It will come to you. I'm in social work, so if you want to pick my brain about that career/field of work, please feel free to do so. :-)

    3. Jeremy


      You're a leader of a prison ministry?! Pretty gutsy. Most Christians that I have met don't witness, even with a captive audience.

  3. Greetings Im new

    Welcome Arri!!! You're in awesome company!
  4. Hey !

    Hi Linda!!!
  5. Hello from Abreah :D

    Welcome to the forum, Abreah! You are in good company here, and you'll find lots of support. You're right -- having sex during courtship/dating has become the norm, but it doesn't mean you have to follow it. As believers, we're called to be in the world, but not *of* the world. It's understandable that you feel like an outsider, but know that there are others who are choosing to wait for various reasons: their faith, for personal reasons, etc. You'll meet people from all different walks of life on here: Christians, atheists, wiccans, Americans, and everyone from around the world who believe in waiting. I hope that since we have such an awesome community on here, you'll feel less alone and more supported.
  6. @Ssabrina14 That's interesting that you say that it comes as more a moral complex than a religious aspect. Sometimes, depending on the person, it may swing more on the moral complex side, or it may go towards the religious aspect. Maybe even a blend of both. That's interesting that you were raised as a Catholic, but then became pagan. I don't know a lot about paganism...can you tell me more about it? I have to tell you that the experience you had...with a man being "turned off" by your decision to wait...I've experienced that too. I'm 34 now, and I've made my decision to wait when I was 27 after some sexual experiences. At the time, I made a promise to God to wait, and it has been very difficult at times. Temptation, lust, loneliness...but then as you mentioned, when you see men get turned's really irksome. I remember being on ChristianMingle and this guy asked me about how I feel about sex and marriage. I said I believe it's best to wait. Well, he said he agreed...and stopped talking to me. So even though we may have different belief as a Pagan, and myself as a Christian...we both have experienced that same thing, and believe me, I'm totally with you when you wrote that you hope one day to meet a man who won't be turned off by it. Sometimes I feel sad and frustrated by it, and other times I figure it's good that they don't stick around to try to manipulate, sweet-talk, or guilt me into sex. Because I've had that experience too.
  7. Greetings

    Welcome Zokhanyo!!! Glad you are with us!!!
  8. Driving

    I wouldn't mind if my husband drove me at all. My job includes 50% travel and sometimes when I get home from work, I don't want to drive around more because of it. I will also add...that I find it important for a man to drive, have his own car, etc. Now in NYC, where there's massive transportation, that wouldn't matter. On Long Island and in other parts of New York State--you're screwed if you don't have a car. Sure, you can use the bus and taxi...but you have more independence and responsibility if you own a car. I dated a guy who didn't drive, and after awhile, it was taxing and tiring since I always had to pick him up, drive him home, whenever we went out. If he had used bus/taxi or some type of service at times, it would've helped. I put up with it at the time because I recalled a time when I didn't drive either, and my boyfriend at the time drove us around. But now? Now it's I appreciate a man who drives.
  9. Yes, I'd like to have a wedding. Even if it's a small and quiet affair.
  10. This is tough. In the past two years, I initiated with two guys whom I had crushes on...and it went nowhere. In one situation, I was doing 90% of investing into the "friendship" -- while he talked with the women he was interested in right in front of me. In the second instance, I took a chance, asked if he'd like to hang out sometime, gave him my number. He never followed up except to text me once if I was coming to Bible study. I took it to mean he wasn't interested. This doesn't mean I won't initiate with a man again. It's just I've also learned that most men want to be the pursuers and sometimes by starting things first, it came off like I was pursuing them.
  11. These days, you can't assume anything. Especially with age. Plus, more people are getting married in their 30s and 40s. Also...if you are the one doing most of the talking, and it's not an equal or mutual give and take, or shared conversation...take that as a red flag to move to the next woman. If you're putting effort to talk to the woman, she should be putting equal effort back.
  12. Guys with long eye lashes

    Men with long eyelashes are heavenly! I find it quite attractive.
  13. Thank You

    Welcome to the forum, Matt! You're in great company and I admire you for taking a stand!