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  1. Does anyone really want to talk to a weirdo?

    1. Rodro


      Hi, Sabrina. How have you been? I happen to think of myself as an animist although I am very open to paganism which is similar to Native American animism.  I am of European ancestry although I despise the conquest and how it affected Native peoples of this land and how it affected this society to make it what it now is today. actually prefer to marry a lady who is a virgin because I want a lady who will only be for me and I will also be fro her. I live in Palm Beach County and I'm not too far form Miami. I wonder what your background is. I'd like to talk and get to know you. I am very interested in the natural world and I travel every chance I get to place that has a different climate. Let's talk and maybe I can expand your horizons and you can also do the same for me.