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  1. Prepared to wait forever?

    I'd probably leave the world a virgin. Every time I've had some sort of connection with a man,upon mentioning the fact that I'm a virgin and that I will not want to have sex at all unless it's a true love,not one that will end in break up,they just waddle away and never talk to me again. Some tell me that I'm awkward,others tell me that I need to loosen up otherwise I'll never get a man. Ah well,STD free life.
  2. Never settle. Never settler or lower your standards to please anyone. Do you know how many times I've been told to settle? I don't do that. Time passes and eventually,we all meet someone we like for real and they like us back that fit well into our standards and morale etc., Settling is the worst thing you can do. I've never had a boyfriend because men where I live just don't cut it to what I'm looking for,and that's okay! I suppose the same is for you but with women,right? Patience is a virtue.
  3. Feeling Depressed

    An advice from a female,most women can be superficial and materialistic just as men can be too. The right girl for you will love you no matter if you're rich,poor, or old. The truth of the matter is that a lot of people are after something and then when they find it's not what they want they move away from it and sometimes it's when it's too late. Some women,however are utter cynics and they look at a man and think of him as a bank (Seriously,ladies,if you want to marry for the money go and file a marriage proposal to Wells Fargo or Bank of America! Don't hurt a man financially!) If you want children and don't want to be with a man,just adopt! There are a lot of children out there in need of homes and good parents (I was an orphan when I was a baby,and later adopted). As for men,take your time,talk to the girl,but take note of one thing:Actions speak louder than words,see how she is towards you,and observe it for years. Best friends make the best couples,never go for a girl and just make her your girlfriend that's just a recipe for disaster. I've tried dating but a lot of men back off from me for strange reasons such as being a virgin,being awkward,being against the family court's favour of women over men... People will find stupid reasons to leave you and that's why you should observe and slowly commit,not right off the bat. It will save you time,money and heartbreak.
  4. @StephL81 I believe that waiting till marriage comes as more a moral complex than a religious aspect. I come from a Catholic family,but have decided to be pagan since I was 12 years of age,and now I'm 21 and still a virgin and pagan. I'm just hoping one day I'll find a man who won't get "turned off" by my decision to wait. A lot of men just have gone silent and never spoken to me again when I've mentioned those things.
  5. Hello! I'm a Celtic Pagan, as I follow that the most. I've been self-declared Pagan since I was 13 years of age,a lot of people thought of it as a phase,but it's lingered on into adulthood. I feel like this will be me for the rest of my life. ☼☼Blessed Be ☼☼
  6. New Members-Girls Only

    Hello,I'm new here and I really don't quite know what to write
  7. Does anyone really want to talk to a weirdo?

    1. Rodro


      Hi, Sabrina. How have you been? I happen to think of myself as an animist although I am very open to paganism which is similar to Native American animism.  I am of European ancestry although I despise the conquest and how it affected Native peoples of this land and how it affected this society to make it what it now is today. actually prefer to marry a lady who is a virgin because I want a lady who will only be for me and I will also be fro her. I live in Palm Beach County and I'm not too far form Miami. I wonder what your background is. I'd like to talk and get to know you. I am very interested in the natural world and I travel every chance I get to place that has a different climate. Let's talk and maybe I can expand your horizons and you can also do the same for me.

  8. Are there mostly Christians in this site or are there other folks (Pagan,Wicca,etc.,) on here? Also, is this site limited to the United States,or the world over?
  9. **sigh** Nope. That's pretty much one of the main reasons why I'm still single. Every time I've liked a man, he doesn't want to talk to me anymore when I tell him that I don't want to have sex until married. I don't know why most men seemed turned off by this? Has society conditioned them to think that being in a relationship means you have to have sex? (I guess I'll just continue with those strange dreams I've had since I was 4 years old about an unknown English man for life,at least he's respectful) In all honesty,are there really men out there who are willing to wait,or are they just shamming till they convince the girl to give them some?