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  1. Too old to do this?

    Thanks! I know God is able and God is good! Sometimes you have those days when you just feel like its just too hard. I am looking for a new church. Not to find a man just somewhere I can be comfortable and praise God from the heart
  2. Too old to do this?

    Hi! So I came across this site at a low moment. Looking for hope really. I am 42 and have been single and celibate for 19 years now. No kissing or dating or anything. I do want to get married and have children and have been praying to God for him to open the way for me. The last few years I started to hear my biological clock ticking and made the mistake of trying online dating. What I found was that men do not seem to be interested in dating a woman without the opportunity of having sex. Even worse with my age. Men my age are not interested at all in me. If a man is ready to settle down and marry he is not really looking at a woman in her 40's especially online, he is looking between 20 and 35. The men in their 50's and 60's only wanted sex. I have not even managed to make it out on one date. I my heart is breaking at the amount of rejection I have had to face. Am I kidding myself that at my age I can find a man who will wait for me. I kept myself to myself for most of my 20's and all of my 30's thinking that I would meet him. Do men really respect women that wait and is waiting just for the young/ Any views, advice or comments most welcome.
  3. Feeling Depressed

    Hi Dave I am sorry you feel so bad. Its horrible when you are depressed. I have been their and you feel worthless and useless. I am sure you have heard it before but you must begin to love yourself. Easier said than done. It sounds like you believe in God which is a good start. Believe in God's love for you and how he can heal you and that is the first step. I am still working on that but the little I have learned is already setting me free. In answer to your bigger question I would say change your thinking. You could NEVER end up in a sexless marriage. Really its not possible. I always tell myself that when I get married the sex will be great! Not because I know tricks but because I waited and God will honour and bless that. Plus as hard as it is trust yourself. Before you get married I assume you will be talking to the woman and getting to know her and her friends and family. The clues to who she is will be their. Red flags will come up when its obvious she is not into you. You should talk loads! All the sex you are not having before marriage should free up some time. Even if you are not having sex you should be able to talk about it. Not in a sex talk way but in a getting to know you way. You will be able to tell if she is passionate or not. Don't be afraid, believe that their is a good woman for you and you may have to wait for God to prepare her for you but the same way he is preparing you for her. So on your wedding night you will be able to have the confidence to talk about everything and what you like and don't like and what feels good. So you only do the things that are pleasing to both of you. If you can't talk about things like that with you potential partner then they are not the one for you.