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  1. Greetings Im new

    Hi all, I am excited to meet new people on here who are like minded like me. I am a female in my 20's and I am confident of the person I have become and there is no shame to it. I am proud of myself and accomplishments. I love to dance, and have fun. I am in the medical field and glad that I found my passion in life other than dance. I am also a Christian. I live in tx looking forward to meeting others also in dallas tx. I can't wait to start chatting and making some new friends!!!
  2. Greetings

    Hi cathy welcome
  3. Greetings Im new

    Thank you kelli so how long have you been apart of this? I think its awesome
  4. Greetings Im new

    Thnkyou so much. So how long have you been apart of this?
  5. Greetings Im new

    ohh ok, how long have you been apart of this site? and they seem to not have many people on here because I notice for different topics people have responded back in 2012 or 2013 non really IN 2016.
  6. Greetings Im new

    Thank-you!! aww that's ok I'm just glad you stop to say hello. where do you live?
  7. Greetings Im new

  8. Greetings Im new

    Thankyou so much