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  1. Good question! I'd marry a non virgin although I'd prefer not to. 1. The reason why it's not a deal breaker is because for all I know it could be the best marrige of my life and he could make me the happiest I've ever been so I'd be willing to look past it. The fact that he'd even agree to wait would mean a lot to me. 2. To be honest with you, I would always be a little jealous/disappointed in the back of my mind and also feel like I'm being compared to his previous sexual partner(s). So it would be nice if he just acted like the other times never happened lol. 3. I guess deal breakers for me would be more personality wise like rudeness or laziness. Oh and outstanding personal hygiene is a must! I definitely agree that anything more than kissing would classify as virgin* and especially that any act that could transmit STDs as non virgin. A lot of people seem to believe that you can do everything but and still be a virgin.
  2. I'd like to be with someone close to my age so I'd say ± 2 years. I wouldn't go lower than 2 years or higher than 5 years though.
  3. Sure, but only if he lived in the same continent as I did because I'd probably want to be visiting frequently
  4. What is your ethnicity/national identity?

    According to my mother... 50% Nigerian 25% Nigerien 12.5% Togolese 12.5% Beninese Born in the Netherlands
  5. 10 months late...

    Hey, I'm Maryann. I've been lurking on this site for almost a year now so I thought that it's now time to finally participate I decided to wait because the thought of doing something so intimate with multiple people kind of repulses me. yup that simple!