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  1. Hey all, checking in for 2020! Not much is new other than I've finally gotten a job and have been working for almost a year now! Looks like everyone's moving off to a new site. Well this site was important to many of us and brings back many memories! If it's gone, at least it will always be in our hearts!
  2. Hey Chris, Thanks! And all the best on finishing your uni degree, I know you can do it!
  3. Hello all, Doing a 2019 check-in ! For those of you new, call me Mark. I was a member of this site years ago and admin from like 2011-2015 until leaving. I do pop in from time to time to see how everyone is doing. I usually have nothing new to report, but this time I do: I've FINALLY graduated from university so that's one achievement I've unlocked, lol. Everything else is the same: I'm still single and still a virgin. How's everyone? Anything interesting and new happen in the past year? How is our site founder, Mike?
  4. I'm not sure either, but thanks!
  5. Hey Vince, glad to hear that you're done with school and hope you find yourself a job and a wife soon ! "Slightly disturbing love affair with Disney"...them's fightin' words, lol!
  6. Yeah, I hear you about school. Thought I would be done by now, but still am not. Actually, I'm not really into anime. I prefer other types of animation.
  7. Hello fellow WTM-ers, Many of you know me already, but for those who don't, please call me Mark. I'm a 26 y/o who was a member (and later admin) of this site from 2011-2015. I left after I felt I gave everything I could offer to the site, but I do like to pop in from time to time to see how everyone's doing. I've noticed I haven't popped in since! So how is everyone doing? All my old friends like Vince, Kendra, Cou, Sally, DodgeDude, slayerofdragon, BelleFemme, AussieStig, Matthew, Mark, Jegsy, etc? And to all you new(er) members, my heartiest greetings to you all! My life is pretty much the same. I'm STILL in college (ALMOST done, but I keep getting setbacks), still single (and a virgin), still a fan of Disney and animation, still a fan of film, in general, still a blogger, etc. If anyone wants to keep in contact, you can follow me on Twitter: @The_Anim_Comm. Or you can check out my blogs at and Hoping to hear from some of you again!
  8. Hey, it's Mark...Just Checking In!

    Hey CrystalFaerie, don't worry, I remember you ! I'll be looking for you on my blogs! And congrats on going back to univ. and I'm sure you'll do fine! History is always an interesting subject to study! And glad to hear your mental/emotional health is improving! And cool to hear that you have someone you're sorta-dating. Hope you find your wedding bells soon!
  9. Hey, it's Mark...Just Checking In!

    Hey slayer, still slaying those dragons ? And congrats on your bday too. I didn't know you were older than me, lol. And I'm sure there's nothing to worry about grad school and that you'll do fine. The Controversial Topics section was up when I left, I think. I think it was still new when I left. And thanks for the compliments on my blog! It's a great thing to get into if you're interested in it.
  10. Hey, it's Mark...Just Checking In!

    Nice to hear from you, Matthew! I'll look out for you on my blogs, lol! And congrats on the job! Anything is better than nothing, especially nowadays! And no, I wish I were married too, but not finished school and not having a job doesn't exactly make for the best husband-material, lol! I think the site needs more things besides general forum discussions to get its share of people every day: maybe more interaction, meetups, more articles, videos, etc. I'm not sure. And I quite love blogging! It's getting into my 4th year of it and I've met so many people through it who are into the same interests as me! I recommend it if you're interested in entering the blogosphere.
  11. Hello fellow WTMers, It's Mark...I was just passing through the neighborhood and thought I'd drop in and visit with y'all for a while. For those of you who don't know me: I go by Mark and I used to be a member of this site from around 2011-2015. I was also one of the admins (I was awesome, btw). It was an honor to be a part of a site promoting "waiting till marriage" and creating a safe haven for people with that mindset to befriend one another, regardless of religion, race, etc. I "retired" from the site last summer (Wow, it's only been a year?! I feel it's been forever! I've missed you guys!) when I felt that I had given all to the site that I could possibly have given. Anyway, I've been thinking about the site for a while and my friends here and while I'm not coming back, I just thought I'd see how everyone is doing and let you know how I'm doing. Well, I turned 25 a couple of weeks ago. I'm still single, unmarried, and a virgin. I'm still in college in my last 2 semesters hopefully. I'm still a big fan of Disney and animation and run my two blogs ( and I'm still a writer for the animation site, Basically, there's not much difference, lol! How is everyone here? Vince and slayer and NicoleNove and Jegsy and AussieStig and Kendra and Matthew and Olivier and BelleFemme and Sally and dodgedude and everyone else whom I'm forgetting to mention? Oh, and how is our founder, Mike? And how has the site been in the past year? The Viewer's Discretion section must be filled with lots of posts regarding this Donald Trump election, lol! Anyway, just wanted to say hi. If anybody wants to keep in contact with me, feel free to email me at . I also have a Twitter account attached to my blog which is @The_Anim_Comm. It's awesome to be back here...I feel like I'm stepping into a childhood home !