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  1. denominations

    You are right am New though still getting my way around. Still figuring out how things are done
  2. denominations

    I am a Seventh Day Adventist and I am very interested in hearing other's beliefs it's very interesting for me. I have learnt alot so far from you. I am impressed with your Bible reading culture most Christians don't read it any more. May God lead you in more truth. You can ask me if you have any questions
  3. denominations

    Sorry for troubling you with questions I believe we should share and discuss these things
  4. denominations

    Oh I see thanks for sharing. I see these quotes around as a member of the church do you agree with the picture quote
  5. denominations

    This is interesting. I am glad you believe in Jesus we totally are on the same page there but am left with questions on Jesus being present in the Eucharist. Christians must base their doctrines and practices from the Bible. So does your belief on this have any scriptural basis because Christ affirmed scripture in His discourses.
  6. denominations

    Hello I wanted to ask if one can name the church one goes to, why they go to the Church and your opinion on why there are many churches.
  7. Ask a Seventh Day Adventist

    Hello ringer... I am an Adventist too. Am a new member and I enjoyed your discussions on Ellen White. I think the idea that Ellen White predicted end of the world is in reference to the millerite movement which believed Christ would come in 1844. That was not Ellen White. Her visions started after the disappointment of 22 October 1844. According to William Miller the world was ending around 1843-1844 because of his calculations of Daniel 8:14. That's a whole long study but I hope the point will be taken.
  8. I am just glad others in the world also have the thought of waiting. Am glad.

  9. Hai I am new

    I am still finding my way around the site. Hello waiters