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  1. I am a waiter and have been all my life, but I'd like to address an issue of our practice (or, lack thereof) that I don't often see covered--it is usually touched-upon or brushed-over (by both waiters and critics)--but I also believe it to be an issue of our culture. It is a Catch-22 in the sense that, for the alleged "best kind of sex" (however you define it), one must either [1] risk the future of their relationship/s by having premarital sex or [2] sacrifice the potency of youthful sex. The issue presents itself to waiters in the form of years without having experienced it at its 'peak'--the libidos of women, for instance, are said to peak between the ages of 16 and 22, so to wait for one's husband, therefore, statistically puts one beyond the point at which one's desire for the very thing for which they'd been waiting begins to wane. Critics of waiting often will describe sex as if it were more like a fish bought freshly off the market, whose quality begins to deteriorate as soon as it is removed from its initial location, and contrast it with ideals of "improving quality, like a fine wine or cheese," (which, to them, is mere romanticization). It is statistically unlikely for a waiter to experience the peak of the intimate experience precisely because we inhabit a culture in which not everyone's backgrounds are homogeneous (one member of a given pair may have a different religious preference than the other, a history of abuse, or may want children where the other does not, etc.) Therefore, we take our time in finding a mate--it is seen as absurd to get hitched to someone you've only met yesterday, for instance. As it stands I don't actually see a solution to this conundrum; I honestly believe that waiting is the more-beneficial choice of the two, but that doesn't mean I won't see that something significant is also being sacrificed as a result. What are your thoughts?
  2. self My Introduction

    Hello, my name is Emily, and I've been exploring this site for several years, now. I am known on Tumblr, Steam, Skype, Twitter, and Minecraft as Mayax81/Mayax_81, and I go by Emily Wycoff on Facebook. For both religious and personal reasons I've been a waiter all my life, and while this topic is not one of my primary interests, researching it has developed my philosophy in its own way. I'm first a Christian and an Antinatalist, but I'm also an artist, pianist, philosopher, nature-lover, and Marvel fanatic. I find myself a bit on the Ace-spectrum (which kind of helps) and am both highly rational and creative. I am very grateful to have found a site with like-minded people; there doesn't seem to be another community as expansive and effective as this.