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  1. As the title says, I am a 28 year old Virgin and I am saving myself as well as waiting until marriage to have sexual intercourse. Why? Because it is my choice and I want to wait until then because I think it is the right thing to do. But I honestly don't think my guy exists. I would love to find a guy that is a Virgin but he has to also have the following qualities, has to have a job, education, car, be able to drive, has his own place or lives at home with family or even roommates etc. BUT also he must NOT drink, smoke, or do drugs, nor must he have or want to have kids. AND he must be into metal, rock, and punk music, and love going to concerts, listening to the heavier sides of these music genres, black metal, death metal, deathcore, hardcore, metalcore, screamo, thrash, etc. Enjoy headbanging, mosh pits, crowd surfing, etc. Me finding a guy that meets ALL of these things isn't easy and it hurts me. I really am tempted to just give up because no man will want me.
  2. Trying to Get Over a Break-Up

    My now Ex-Boyfriend and I, broke up 2 weeks ago, and its been really hard for me to get through. I've had trouble sleeping, eating, and going out to like the store etc. I did finally go out and shopped around with my family, this past week, but it was difficult, but I am also proud of myself of doing it too. Anyway, I do think of my Ex-Boyfriend from time to time, because him and I were together for 1 year, and we both did care for each other a lot, loving each other too. So the break up was difficult on both of our parts, but we both knew, it had to end. And we ended it, and have both moved on. But like I said, I do think of him from time to time, but thats only because I am really worried about him. See him and I, both suffer from anxiety, depression, and him other issues like PTSD, ADD/ADHD, etc. and so I am just worried something may have happened after our break up or he did something or he isn't himself or just something is wrong type of feeling. But I know if I contact him or even go look at his social media pages, that will bring up the habit of always wanting to check up on him, looking on his social media pages all the time etc. And thats never good, because it never makes it better, and help with getting over the person. So what should I do? Continue to just focus on me, and not think about him, and move on? I am trying my best to not think of him, I really am but it is hard at times. Anyone care to help? What would you do?
  3. Yeah maybe there is but I honestly don't think so.
  4. How can the guys be taken, when they are on a dating website?
  5. Yeah that is a possiblity. It just sucks, I really liked the guys I messaged and they never replied back.
  6. Trying to Get Over a Break-Up

    Why would you want to write out a letter to your future husband? What was the point in doing that exercise? Thanks I appreciate the offer. Yes they are hard, its been a long time since I've dealt with a break up. The last time I dealt with a serious break up like this one, was way back in 2011, I was with that guy from 2011 for like 3 years. This new guy thats my recent ex it was 1 year. So I know it will be harder with each day passing at times. I hope I am closer to finding that special person, but I doubt it, the type of guy I want, doesn't exist. I am very picky and shallow and want my guy to meet my standards and guidelines and I just know, he doesn't exist. IF he does he lives far away and doesn't drive, have a job etc. And thats not good either. Yeah I hope I have a speedy recovery as well.
  7. Thanks all for welcoming me to this forum. I was trying to find a forum where virgins could talk and not be judged but everywhere I went people kept talking badly about me and what I wanted to do. Whats an important factor for me, would be that the guy I want to NOT drink, smoke, or do drugs, then comes not having or wanting to have kids, and then wants marriage. Those are my main aspects first and foremost. But in today's society people meeting these things rarely exists, thats why I think that there is no guy out there for me. I have found guys that met all of this, and I would contact them but they would never respond back and that hurt me.