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  1. Made a promise to God

    Hi Rick good luck on waiting!
  2. Can't wait to meet all you awesome people!

    Hi! Writing letters is soo good I wish we could get back to writing them more these days.
  3. 29 yr old virgin. Los Angeles, CA

    Good to hear that such men still exist
  4. Hi! I used to have (and sometimes I think I still do) have some requirements for the guy I wish to be with but I know that sometimes life can suprise me with someone completely different from my expectations. Maybe we don't even know what is our dream guy until we meet him and fall in love. Take care!
  5. I would go with English but in British or Australian version/accent. But I'm fine with my Polish and I wouldn't like to drop this one anyway.. And maybe some non Indo-European like Japanese? That would be great cause it's like a completely different language especially in terms of writing.
  6. Intro

    Thanks for warm welcome and kind words
  7. Hi

    You're not alone:)
  8. Intro

    Hi guys! I'm a 24yo Polish virgin. I'm not fully convinced if my waiting is really that worth it and makes sense... I put this in question so hopefully this site will help me see other views, resolve my doubts and stop feeling kind of an outcast. LittleMy