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  1. What should Anna Duggar Do?

    If I was Anna I would leave She putting herself at risk for another aids, or stds. Plus wait example are she setting for her kids I don't like the idea of divorce but I believe it's for the best I dated a guy that cheated I still hold the scars. That's a pain that last.
  2. Tattoos& Piercings

    I have a tattoo and some piercings I deeply regret them. I think what a waste of money
  3. I want to wait till the next day Not that it happening any time soon. LOL. Single me
  4. Think everyone knows about the duggars on hear. If not The Duggars are a family who brought there kids up with very strict values, the first time they are left alone with the opposite sex is on there wedding night, there first kiss is on that day too. Josh there first son married Anna in which last year he confessed cheated on her with a prostitute before this a scandal broke out that he sexual abuse his sisters as a child. Anna didn't leave him she stayed, he went to rehabilitation for cheating. They have four kids together. Do u think she should have stayed, what do u think she should of done? What would you do.
  5. I'm friends with my ex The thing is we dated for so long wanting different things and having different values. I think it's important that if you are wanting to wait till marriage date someone who has those values not for you but for anyone. All my ex boyfriends are having sex, one has a kid of wedlock, my last boyfriend cheated and broke my heart to pieces he wanted sex and I didn't. Just never settle a few good memories ain't worth the pain after.
  6. Introduction

    Hi My name is Samantha I'm 28 years old, I believe in waiting til marriage always did. Even as a young child I always had a pure mindset. I'm just looking for people who share my believes I feel mighty alone in my plight of believes. I failed many times on my believes I'm not perfect. If anyone wants to chat with me message me I hope I can find a few people to chat with. Thanks I'm glad I found this site. Nice to know maybe there someone out there who thinks like me. I'm not letting go of my believes anymore nor I'm I going to settle for less neither should any of you. God Bless
  7. Saying Hi New girl

  8. I'm a 28 year old virgin I feel the same way trying to find the right guy It's hard.
  9. Saying Hi New girl

    Hi I'm Samantha I'm a 28 year old woman that believes in waiting till marriage Hard finding friends or people who think like I do, I feel so alone in my believes. But every time I fail on them I get badly hurt. So I'm following them now more then ever. Proud to be a virgin.