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  1. Hi

    Welcome, welcome! i know how you feel and it is definitely tough but this site is great and at least lets you know that there are plenty of other people out there like you. Unfortunately, the practice of waiting til marriage is not really praised in society today (sadly it's the opposite that is praised...) so it's definitely hard to just bump into another waiter on an everyday basis like you said, because i think they feel like they have to keep it on the D-L or else they'll stick out like a sore thumb... but good for you for seeking out a like-minded community - i did the same thing and it's been very reassuring! Good things are coming for ya!
  2. Seeking Pleasures of the Flesh

    much like the others above have correctly stated, i think that for Christians, once you are married, sex isn't seen as a "sin" anymore because even though sex is pleasurable and could be literally construed as 'seeking pleasure in flesh', the idea is that this form of pleasure is now deemed OKAY in the Christian religion because it is held within the sacrament of marriage and within that holy form of unity between 2 people... i think the clarification is that people should not be seeking pleasures of the flesh outside of a marital relationship but that it's ok, within reason, to seek pleasure within a marriage because that is the only place sex is meant to be had. others, please feel free to correct that if i'm mistaken!
  3. What's Your Favourite Quote?

    I have 2 because i love them both so much! "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." - Ralph Waldo Emerson "Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you." - Walt Whitman
  4. Questions for the ladies of WTM

    1) Would you marry a man knowing that you would not be first in his life? For example, if his profession took precedence in his life would you be ok with that? I would have a hard time coming second to things.. however i think it's all relative.. like sometimes his job might have to come first if he has an important meeting he has to attend in order to keep his job! i would understand me not coming first then, but if it is a routine of him focusing more time, energy, and/or attention on his job, that would be a major problem and not ok. I believe marriage provides a really healthy foundation for a person to rely on when they come home from work, for example, that should be the highlight of his/her day, not the lowest on the totem pole. 2) How important is sex in a marriage? Like if he didn't have a very high sex drive would that change the way you felt about him? I think sex is very important in a marriage, from everything i have heard/learned over the years of my waiting, but it really depends on what is comfortable for the 2 people in the marriage... If my husband didn't have a very high sex drive i don't think it would change how i felt about him, but it's hard to say? i just think if we love each other enough, we should be able to understand both peoples' sides of the story and work out a solution... whether one person has a high OR low sex drive... compromise 3) Would you ever live and raise children in another country? Why or why not? I think i could live with my husband in another country for a time if we both wanted to go on an adventure like that, but i wouldn't want to stay there for super long because all my family and friends are in the US. I wouldn't want to raise children in another country though because, since all my fam/friends are here, i feel it's important and healthy to have children grow up around family to show them what it's like to have a caring family. I have a lot of happy childhood memories of playing with all my cousins growing up, so i'd want my kids to have that too.
  5. There are definitely girls in that age range and even a little older that are waiting till marriage. There is proof right here on this site with all the girl members, plus like the others said, if you look in the right places - often church/religious young adult groups, or even dating sites like OkCupid, or religious dating sites like Christian Mingle or Catholic Match, where you can filter out certain responses to questions about your values regarding sex to close in on the people that most closely match your ideals/values.
  6. Hi from Maryland!

    Thank you all! hope everyone is having a great weekend- i'm not sure how to reply individually on here so hopefully you all see this
  7. Hi from Maryland!

    Hey everyone- I'm so excited I found this website tonight! My name is Emily and I'm 27. It's nice and very refreshing to know there is a supportive, like-minded community such as this, full of people who are also waiting til marriage. I'm still getting acquainted with all the great things this site has to offer, and I hope to get connected with some of you!