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  1. The back, the back >"< I like guys with large backs because it makes me feel warm and secured.
  2. contraception

    I'm not Christian so condoms or pills for me are fine, but I think women should consider the side effects when using pills. In our country, sex is a sensitive topic. Our tradition is waiting till marriage, but now the young generation doesn't care. A lot of people have sex before marriage and it becomes something natural. Sometimes family even encourages it because the infertility ratio is increasing (having children is somewhat a must in VN). But when it comes to education, people still avoid it. Many argue that if students were taught about sex, they would try to have sex, and it's dangerous (I know this argument is partly true). I remembered when I had Biology class in grade 8 which talked about human's sexual organs, the teacher avoided that lesson and told us to read it ourselves. She was like, 40 years old and when she mentioned the word "sexual" her face still turned red @@ Ironically, they avoid to educate young student about sex, and people still have sex at early ages. I've seen SO many naive girls had sex before marriage, got abortion many times, or when the boy knew she was pregnant they ran away. People who is married sometimes get unwanted pregnancies (they have enough kids - in some cases having more than 2 kids is illegal, they are too young or too old, they want to pursue career etc.) After many abortions some women can never have kids again. And then they regret they killed their unborn child(ren). Social media used to report some cases in which the mother gave birth in a forest then left the child there alone. When someone found the child he was bitten by wild dogs, losing one leg and his penis. Such a painful story. And another story I heard is about a man who slept with prostitutes (which is illegal in VN) then found out he got HIV. He felt resentful against women, so he had sex with a lot of women to revenge. I don't judge people who have sex before marriage, just wish that they know how to protect themselves. Recently I've read some Taoist books by Mantak Chia. He talks about natural contraception methods which don't have side effects, so really recommend for people who are looking for alternative contraception methods.
  3. Your Thoughts on "Players"...

    Well I won't judge them. People are free to do what they want to do. If the girls/guys those players "play" with are fine with that, it's okay. I just wish that the monogamous and polygamous worlds are separated and never collide, then a lot of people will be happier. But it was just a dream I know some players have mental and/or emotional illness, like they were hurt before and don't believe in love or faithfulness, so they become players to protect themselves from getting hurt again. Still, I don't welcome them to my world.
  4. When I was in grade 8, me and one guy in my class were close friends, then I realized I liked him but didn't tell him because I know he liked other girl in our class. Grade 9, somehow he knew that and avoided talking to me. Now we are friends on Facebook but barely talk. When I graduated high school, one of my close guy friend confessed but I refused him. He got angry and wrote a post on Facebook about me being cruel and mean, then I got angry and blocked him. Now we are just used-to-be-classmate, barely talk =)))) Painful experience *sigh*
  5. Need some girls views

    If she truly loves you then it's fine with your non-experience. I mean you can learn how to have, ahem, sex with her, learn how to satisfy her, and after a period of time you'll be experienced =)))