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  1. Birth control/condoms as a married man or woman

    I'm also recently married. We aren't doing anything....just totally natural. We are just letting it happen so we are prepared to start having kids at any moment. Once we have two, I plan to get snipped so technically we won't even use any birth control ever.
  2. New relationship - how to tell him I'm waiting?

    Congrats OP! Bookish, so sorry to hear you get worried about this sometimes. Don't give up, don't settle either. There are still plenty of us still out there, I'm recently married and I've had my doubts a time or two myself. I agree that society is sure changing to where few treat sex with honor and respect and as something to cherish and wait for verses a third date obligation but plenty of us still value it and wait for it. It is something to treasure!
  3. Yes. We married in the early afternoon, we had the day after off and then left for our honeymoon after that. There was no travel that got in the way or forced us to rush.
  4. Singles, college age bible group at church.
  5. No, not even remotely. The mindset switched over for us very smoothly without any glitches.
  6. A little. I mean before I had my place all to myself, I had all the quiet, alone time I needed to reflect and meditate. Now there is someone always there. The alone time I could get before to where I'd usually meditate is a little harder to come by now.
  7. Tattoos

    I love the look of a woman's skin. I hate tattoos, ruins the beauty of her skin. Horribly unattractive to me personally. I wish this 20 year fad would pass already. I hate how permanent they are. They can never be taken off ever, hair you can change, it can grow out, clothes, you can alter your dress style and go through phases, jewelry you can put on and then take off but a tattoo can never go away, it is a manmade ink scar of pictures or words that will always be there. You never get to change your mind and take it off after five years. Get one at 18 you've still got it at 70. If I didn't think women's skin was so hot I guess I wouldn't cringe as strongly when they purposely screw it up with some permanent ink scar. Print it on paper and frame it I may think it is a pretty design. Auto detail it and stick it on your car, it might be cool, Forever scare it into your own flesh and I'll always hate it and think you've ruined you God given beauty.
  8. Didn't Tom Hanks already deal with this in Castaway? Cop out answer...I have no idea. I'd probably have to go and talk to my church and have some real heart to hearts with the pastor on what to do. Legally what is the case? Is my second marriage immediately moot once it becomes evident my first marriage was still in tact? Either way it would be an awful situation.
  9. I've always known since childhood. It wasn't until I got older I realized that sex within marriage wasn't the normal, routine thing to do.
  10. Long Engagements

    It depends on how long the couple dated before the engagement. If the dating period was short than a longer engagement may be appropriate. If the couple has been dating for two years and then has a really long engagement....it probably just means they are already having sex so things aren't as urgent.
  11. What are you reading?

    How did you enjoy the ending?
  12. What are you reading?

    I'm currently reading 3 books. The Dead Student (John Katzenbach), Wuthering Heights (Emily Brontë) and A Dog's Way Home (W.Bruce Cameron).
  13. The post was would you "date" someone with children. If the answer is no than you wouldn't be spending the time with each other to even fall in love, so this entire "love" angle seems a little moot. It seems this debate that is beginning about whether or not you'd fall in love with someone with kids or if you could "choose" not to seems moot. If you choose not to date them than that kind of nips things in the bud. It would take a set of very special circumstances to spend great amounts of time with someone you've chosen not to date and chosen NOT to spend that time of time with. Someone who would date them could spend enough time with that person to get to know them well enough to fall in love. This wouldn't really apply to those who would not date them at all.
  14. sovereignty of God vs human dominion

    I would say that much of life is all about our own actions, our own will and our own struggles. I would say God tends to keep the overall macro, big, big things moving in the direction he wants but I don't think God really micromanages each person's day to day lives. Much of life is what we make of it. We get to choose and I think that is how God wants it. In essence, we are being tested, tested to see if we'll choose to do what pleases God or choose not to (we have the scriptures as a guide to show us wisdom and how best to live life). Now a person who is very disciplined in prayer and seeks God daily will have much more access to God's involvement in their life but still much is up to us. Even when God "guides" a person, it is usually done by very subtle tweaks and in my experience he directs and guides those who do not have fear and take action and begin to "do", they make decisions, they take risks and "live" life. They may pray and ask for guidance and ask for God's will to be done but in my opinion, he directs those who set their boat afloat and get it moving down the river. They step out in faith, then God will offer those little course corrections from time to time. I don't believe God will do that much or offer a lot of guidance for those that just sit paralyzed, doing nothing, just "waiting" for a word from God before they do anything. Even the parable about the talents "For to the one who has, more will be given, and he will have an abundance, but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away." seems to display a sense of free will to exercise our talents and work and strive or the freedom to hide our talents in fear and not use them (use it or lose it, atrophy vs. exercise and growth). Someone mentioned "predestination" earlier. I've always known people that struggled with that concept. I've never had the slightest question about it. It makes perfect sense and I have no confusion over it. God knows everything, he knows everything that will ever happen, but just knowing it doesn't mean we still aren't choosing freely. We have free will, we choose freely, he just knows what we will do.
  15. I'm curious if your new avatar symbol has a particular meaning?

    1. 'tis the Bearded One

      'tis the Bearded One

      Is it a this is sparta stickman? haha


    2. HeWhoWaits


      It is the logo to the group Twenty One Pilots.

    3. 'tis the Bearded One