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    I am an agnostic theist, and I pray to God from time to time, but consider myself irreligious.
  1. Can you just be friends with a woman??

    I am a guy, and I have a few female friends whom I am very close to. I think there are situations where one needs to be aware of certain boundaries that should not be crossed, or at least know the consequences before you cross them. Dating your best friend can be the biggest gamble.
  2. Hello! So happy to find this community!

    Thank you folks! Really appreciate the warm welcome
  3. Hello! So happy to find this community!

    Thanks Crea8iveGirl! Yeah it is always going to be difficult fighting against societal pressure and stay firm in what we believe in. But the result is rewarding. (:
  4. Hi! I'm David, and I am a 4th year business student at the University of Toronto. I stumbled upon this website after googling "atheist abstinence" and saw Leo's article on why atheists can choose to wait until marriage (http://waitingtillmarriage.org/7-reasons-atheists-wait-until-marriage/). I felt SO RELIEVED! I am agnostic, and have chosen to wait until marriage. This choice was the product of constant thinking based on logic and reasoning, and my views on society, culture, relationships, sex and marriage. I spent so much time thinking about this it's not even funny. I tried to seek articles and forums online to find likeminded people, but almost everything I had found in the past was based on religion. Until now. It seems like in this community, we chose abstinence for all sorts of reasons, but we are here for each other. I am excited. It is not easy to resist sexual temptation and it's even harder when almost everyone around us do not agree with us. The battle to resist sexual temptation is difficult, but I will continue to fight. Thank you guys for being here. I look forward to being a part of this community!