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  1. "Since you actually need friends to be friendzoned, obviously I have never been friendzoned." ._.
  2. Have you guys every been friendzoned or nah? Feel free to elaborate if the answer is yes!
  3. I'm attracted to girls who have that emo/gothic look. The dark clothes, many piercings, and dark/oddly colored hair especially is an eye-catcher for me~ I find them so mysterious.
  4. When will WTM wristbands be in stock again?
  5. Hi! I'm new...

    Welcome, William!
  6. Dating Non Christians?

    Hi LilStar. I like the question that you posed and I think it was a great idea to post here. I'm a 21 year old Christian man and I wish to share what I believe from my understanding of Scripture. It reads in 2 Corinthians 6:14 "Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? Obviously, I do not think Scripture intended us to have a "holier than thou" mentality towards others. But what are the cons to dating a non-believer? I believe that dating someone who does not share the same faith would water down our faith. How can we connect, grow, and serve in the church in the way God intended us if our spouse is not involved? I find it would be lonely to connect with other Christians at church whereas my wife stays at home because she doesn't believe in God. When you marry, you become one flesh with your spouse. Your core values should be the same and not conflict, right? It's more than "At least he respects my faith." No. You WANT your spouse to Share the same faith! You can grow in fellowship with not only other believers but with your life partner as well. Iron sharpens iron. When you're in a crisis, would you not turn to your spouse for support? Being with a non-believer, I'm afraid they cannot offer spiritual guidance to which we so desperately need. Not only dating a believer should be a priority, but ALSO having the same level of spiritual maturity should be on the check list as well. In my opinion, being with someone who is deeply rooted in faith, we can hang on to each other when the going gets tough, instead of one falling or "dragging" you behind. By the way, I mean everything in the kindest way possible I really hope you find the right, GODLY man God has set aside for you, because you deserve oneness with your husband. Cheers!
  7. Hello

    Hi Peter. Hi Cre8iveGirl. Thank you for the warm welcome.
  8. Hello

    Hello peeps. I'm Spy (online alias), a 21 year old coming from Ohio (OSU student as well!) It's nice to see others practice waiting until marriage. I am waiting because of my religious beliefs as a non-denominational Christian. Because I'm in some way old fashioned, I hope one day to court a lady until marriage. Cheers.