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  1. Long Engagements

    It depends on the person really. Some people have longer engagements due to school, career, age, or other reasons there may be. I really haven't thought of it that much. Short or long I just hope it's worthwhile.
  2. Hello, WTM

    Hello thomist, nice having you with us,
  3. Someone who lives for Christ in all their entirety. Compatibility is also crucial, I believe it strengthens the relationship and creates a strong bond i.e going for evangelical missions, charity works, visits to orphanages, cooking together etc. Someone with whom I share a higher level of intimacy, transparency, openness, trust, and a deeper level of understanding. Just us two committed souls thriving to live for Christ in this vain world.
  4. Challenges of being a virgin

    Thanks@all,feels good to be here
  5. What is your dream guy?

    Lol@tuface idibia,are you Nigerian?
  6. Is Virginity Really Attractive?

    [quote name="Buster Cannon" post="70742" t Yeah, after doing some digging myself, I've come to learn that it's not virginity that's "attractive" so much as the attitude behind it. A guy who's a virgin because he's never had the opportunity is far different than a guy deliberately saving himself and making constant sacrifices in the process. The latter is far more attractive because he has the confidence and willpower to go against the grain, whereas the former is just some dude waiting for his chance to "get laid". As for your second point, believe it or not there are Christian/waiter women that find virginity in men unattractive. Some women want a guy that knows what he's doing on the wedding night because they don't like the idea of awkwardly fumbling around trying to figure stuff out. In other cases, a woman may find a man more desirable if he's had previous partners; if other women were willing to sleep with him he must be a man of good value. I don't mean to paint all women with a broad brush, as there are plenty (just look at this site) that can appreciate a man saving himself. That said, virginity tends to work in a woman's favor far more often than it does a man. Exactly, I find virginity attractive in a man if he waited only out of his own volition,not due to circumstances or lack of opportunity.Someone I believed turned down sex,even while it was staring him in the eye,not someone who decides to adapt simply due to lack of offers.
  7. Challenges of being a virgin

    Thanks a lot, I appreciate
  8. Saving your first kiss too?

    Alas,so happy to find this post, am 26 years old female waiter, who is also saving her first kiss. Reason that kissing for me is also a very intimate act. In courtship. I don't mind a peck though
  9. Hello everyone ^_^

    Welcome on board
  10. Hello everyone,am new here. Am a 26 years old female waiter, happy to converse with people of like minds. I thought we could all share ,one or two challenges we've all faced for waiting till marriage. Mine would be the fact that I have never really dated due to my no sex stance. The only relationship I have had,that really lasted, was within two months. This might be due to the fact that I lay my cards on the table, because dating anyone, because I hate leading people on. Also not only am I waiting till marriage,I also planned to keep the kissing aspect till marriage too,so help me God
  11. I can't believe this, I would kill to date a guy that's waiting till marriage, because this shows he has lots of self-control and he's principled. There are lot of female waiters around, who has the same beliefs,i think he's probably fishing in the wrong sea .
  12. I really love this article to bits, reason being that am also a 26 years old female virgin. I can relate with everything she wrote. Thanks
  13. Hello friends,am new here. Was wondering if you would like to talk about the challenges you all faced with the opposite sex when in a no sex relationship. Mine would be guys not wanting to be in a relationship with me, because sex was omitted,even some of the church brothers. Thanks all,happy to be a part of the family