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  2. Hey DHZ, I'm sorry to hear you're feeling this way. Here is my advice: Learn to love yourself and think positive thoughts. Once you learn to love yourself first, you will bring joy and peace into your life, and you will love others the way you love yourself. Think of it this way; If you continue being bitter, it will push others away from you as it comes off as a negative vibe (sorry if this sounds harsh). But if you are more positive, you will draw others closer to you. I know as humans, we all have our off days when we feel sad, down in the dumps etc which is normal. But if you are constantly feeling this way everyday then you need to seek professional help to help deal with your emotions (counselling). And I understand how you feel about seeing couples happily together and people around you getting married because at times I too feel that way ever since my relationship ended last year. There are others who feel this way too. But what you need to understand is that although couples may appear happy in public and on social media, you don't know what happens behind closed doors (arguments, abuse for example) and you don't know if they are truly happy with their relationship. This is why I advise you to love and appreciate yourself first and be content with what you already have, only then you are able to love others. Another thing is to not compare yourself to your guy friends/others because not only will that make you unhappy, you will also lose confidence in yourself. So, believe in yourself because you are just as special as anyone else in this world. So if you like a girl, approach her and make conversation, get to know her and see where it takes you. If she likes you back, then that's great! But if she rejects you then don't take it to heart, just realise she wasn't the one and move on. There is someone out there for everyone and that includes you. Have faith in yourself and hope you feel better soon. Live your life, travel, make new friends and surround yourself with positive people. Don't expect 'the one' too soon. Love will find you when the time is right God Bless. Sneya
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  5. Made a promise to God

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  6. I'm sorry to hear you are going through this. My advice to you, is to not dwell on the past (sorry if it sounds harsh), as it is only going to make you feel worse about yourself. Instead of thinking that you'll be alone forever, focus on the positives and make the most of your life doing things you enjoy. Go out there, join sports clubs, book clubs (if you like reading), volunteer, do things you love and believe me when I say this (or type this); when you least expect it, you will meet someone. There are plenty of girls out there. There is a special one for you. If it helps, note down all the positive things about yourself and keep it, so if you feel low again, you can open the note and read all the good things that make you, you. So tell yourself that you ARE worth it, because you are! All the best
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  8. Fears and Phobias

    I'm terrified of spiders, not just big ones, but little ones too. The way they crawl on their eight legs just makes me cringe. Im also scared of heights because I have a fear of falling and badly injuring myself. And finally, I have a fear of presenting in front of a large group due to my anxiety.
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    Interesting article. I had no idea! Well, you learn something new everyday
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    Aha good answer!  Love it! But if the dinosaurs laid the eggs, wouldn't baby dinosaurs hatch out of them instead? And have there own little dinosaur kingdom
  11. Random Thoughts

    What came first. The chicken or the egg? The mind wonders...
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  14. How do you intend to meet your spouse?

    Yeah you are right on that one. The US does have a bigger population than the UK. But wherever our soulmates may be, we will find them when the time is right
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