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  1. What You Want vs. God's Will

    Nobody can answer that but you. I don't think God would be angry if you dated her, nor do i think you will go to hell for having different standards. Personally I would date a non-virgin but, I can understand why one would want to be with a virgin. Your gonna have to decide for yourself what category you fall into. Sorry if that doesn't help you any but, its the only answer I can give. Chances are she wont be the first or the last girl you meet, don't put her up on this pedestal that you have to marry her (after all you still don't know how she feels). If you decide you need to date a virgin, don't feel bad....this is your life and nobody but you and God should be directing it.
  2. haha Saitama is a bawse, season 2 can't come soon enough!
  3. To christian guys

    If I liked her before i found that out, then finding that out wouldn't change my opinion. As others said it might be a good idea to make sure she is ok to start a relationship after such traumatizing experiences. I Would be surprised of someone actually openly said she was not worthy...but I suppose those people do exist... She cannot control what happened to her in the past, I would only be concerned with who she is now. It has to be said, such a relationship may not be easy, it will mean a lot of communication, it might mean being a shoulder to cry on. However as I said before if I'm otherwise attracted it's doubtful that fact alone would scare me away.
  4. Star-Lord, in many ways he's just a regular dude, who happens to be skilled at this one thing, he can be very serious but for the most part tries not to stress the little things in life.
  5. English, most of the world is forced to learn it at this point anyway...and everyone says its hard to learn, so I'll take their word for it...
  6. Butt Glitter

    lolz just lolz. 1.) On a scale of 1-smashing things, how angry would you be if someone threw glitter at your butt? You know, hypothetically. at first id look at it weird then just sort of accept that it's there and theres nothing i can do about it so 1 i guess 2.) Do you consider your butt as cute as, if not cuter than, a puppy's butt? im not even sure if i have a butt back there... idk ill have to ask someone one day 3.) Do you consider your butt, ever? It's general existence? Purpose? Cuteness? not really 4.) What is the worst thing a girl could say about your butt? i don't know, not sure if id care about anything anyone said about my butt. 5.) Does your butt have any previously unlisted concerns? i hope not? 6.) Are you concerned with how many times the word butt has been used in this post already? i find it both hilarious and concerning 7.) If your butt had a name, what would it be? Que-butt 8.) What do you think of butts, as a general part of humanity? all men butts are inferior to that of the posteriors of a female. there i hope this answers all of your science related questions
  7. "This guy was pretending to be supportive while really just thinking that I would eventually change my mind and just give in." well if that happens again, you will know that this guy is not for you. Talk to him ASAP, the sooner you get this over with the better. If you find out he cannot wait for you then the experiment is over...good, time is precious and you don't wanna waist it trying to date someone who cannot agree or tolerate your beliefs. On the other side of the coin if he does agree with you, then great you got that bit of awkwardness out of the way and now the two of you can enjoy the rest of your relationship... if he is just waiting to change your mind like what happened before that will come out in time, no need to worry about it, just enjoy the relationship for now .
  8. hello

    Hey, some of my friends call me Que and I'm 23 and yes I'm a Christian (i know I'm so unique lolz) After watching so many sitcoms that tell you there is something wrong with you, it can be nice to find a community of like minded people to go back to.