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    I am a Apostolic Christian woman who likes anime, manga, sketching, painting, sculpting, role play, writing, music and most of all, family. I do not like perverted speech or behavior. So please respect that.

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  1. I have a lot of "specific" things I want in a man. Not physical, but I don't want a buff man really. 1: Must love Jesus as God and be a holy man. Pentacostal but not "United Petacostal" cause God never said a woman wearing pants was a sin. 2: Must be sweet, funny, gentle and understanding. 3: Must love animals and my crazy family. 4: Must be okay with my medical problems and the fack I may not be able to have kids. Only maybe. 5: Must be like my prayer so I can be the best wife for him as he will be the best husband for me. "My prayer to my future husband." Post "Amen" if you agree. I pray my future husband will be gentleman, but still know how to make me laugh. I pray that he will love me and ONLY me, that he will love me FOR me, that he will never cheat on me or lie to me. I pray that he will know me very well, that he will RESPECT me, that he will understand and EXCEPT my epilepsy. I pray that he will be a great husband to me, and a great father to our children. I pray that he is a Godly man who lives a Godly life and will grow closer to God with me. I pray that we will truly love each other with all our hearts, but love God more. I pray that our love and relationship will last till death do us part, and that we will be able to have happy, healthy children together. I pray that God will help me to be a great wife to my husband, and a great mother to our children. I pray that God will help me to never cheat on my husband or lie to him. Amen." By Amber Kathleen Henley My post on Facebook.
  2. Amen! That looks close to my FB post "My prayer to my future husband." Too many women today do not respect themselves enough to modest or even respect their bodies to stay pure. My own cuisns who gave themselves away think that being 22 and a virgin is "grose" and that I just need to "loosen up" and give it up so I can have fun. Keep in mind they are younger than I am. But I refuse to let go of my morals and who I am to have what they call "fun" witch is only a copensation for things and wanting to be like the world. I blame mordern music and parents who let their children listen to those kinds of songs and watch those kinds of shows at the age of 6!
  3. I am a 22 going on 23 December 29th, year old virgin. And I am PROUD! I have younger cousins who have already given themselves away to others and think I am "grose" for saving myself. They tell it's stupid and that no one lives by the Bible anymore cause it's out of date. Wile it may be true that most people no longer live by the Bible, I find it important to point out why I keep my purity besides because Jesus said to. 1: When you give yourself away, you give away part of your emotions and soul to that person and they will forever be with you weather you know it or not. In only want to love one person. If I devorce and get remarried or my husband has, that's okay. But my first husband will still be in my heart. 2: No STD's. I won't have to worry about spreading or getting any STD's, and those who wait won't have to that much either. People these days hardly care and just go for it without protection. 3: No abortion! I won't get pregnant before marrage, so no unwanted baby having to be killed or put up for adotion. Number on cause for abortion is un wanted babies or parents forcing their pregnant teenagers to get an abortion. Save yourself the hassle and a babies life! 4: Respect yourself and know that it's true love. If he or she doesn't respect you for holding out, even if you have already given yourself away. If they keep pushing when you say no, it's not true love! They only want your body! I don't care if you have made the mistake of giving yourself away, it's never too lat to respect yourself and your body. I am keeping mine clean becuase I want to give that part of my soul that will only happen once to my beloved. I know plenty of people say "You have to know if your compatable in bed." PFFT!~ Best way is to discover each other together for the first time when married.