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  4. On any day, this is a really interesting subject. Like everyone has said so far, relationships thrive a lot on mutual attraction (emphasis on 'mutual'). Thing is, attraction in its entirety, works in such a way that at the right time, both people feel a common connection that draws them to the other person. In the case where this attraction happens on one side, the other person remains in the friendzone. Sometimes I honestly wonder how arranged marriages worked (both biblically and well for the earlier years). I can only imagine that those involved either got very depressed and frustrated or really grew to love each other. Divorce rates in our times are higher than those days. Leaves a lot to think about.
  5. I will not settle.And it brings to mind something I wrote 2 weeks ago: Of great serendipity, Let us be found guilty, Of love, unconditional love Of hope, undying hope Let us by all means Search for love, pure and true Laugh till our bellies ache Share till there's nothing left of us Be steadfast in our silent vows For we must be proved Here in in this matter Now in this time I must be proved; here in this matter and in that time (if it comes).
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  8. Dr Mensa Otabil... Lol. That's the General Overseer of our church. Nice article and I agree
  9. What You Want vs. God's Will

    XD005, you need to pray about it (a little more prayer never hurt anyone) and make your decision based on what pleases God first and then what pleases you/her. When you say 'ideal' though, what do you mean? Undoubtedly, it is good to marry someone who shares the desire (and godly principle) to remain pure till marriage. This for me shows that both people understand and share in the same godly principles which is a good indicator of where they may be standing in terms of their faith. Which is extremely important for marriage. On the other hand, is it better to dwell merely on this 'condition' at the expense of your own salvation and relationship with God? I don't think so. Does she share your faith and Christian ideals? Would you be equally or unequally yoked? Will she draw you and your future children closer to God? Then questions of character and 'who she is' and 'what you like' follow. To me, the former are the bigger issues to consider carefully if you intend to spend the rest of your life with her. The latter questions, 'smaller' issues, are sorted once the bigger ones are catered for. Left unsorted and it causes ripples of problems in the future. I believe firmly that when it comes to marriage, sometimes, we can be confronted with not-so-ideal situations where the person does not fit into that perfect stereotype we know and pray for. Because we are only human. Some who started keeping themselves were broken, hurt, abused along the way... Don't they deserve good people too after they have healed? The Bible gives us a heads-up on how to handle some of those situations and our conscience/intuition (by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit) can lead us to handle the rest. Put EVERYTHING in perspective; not just the momentary reaction or feeling of being together after being apart. Then you can make a good decision that will be pleasing to God. What makes God happy will ultimately make you happy (even if you don't see it immediately).Your future children will also thank you for it. Hope this helps
  10. There are lots of things love is and isn't. There are lots of things that love does and others love won't do. To me, it looks like we make a 'decision' to be or not to be; to do or not to do. The definition of 'falling' in love is the reason marriages are breaking and children are caught in the middle of nasty divorces. Because we never allow precious to just fall. Stuff that fall, ultimately get broken or damaged. This is what I believe - make a decision and take responsibility for your decision. When times get tough, you will remember the thought-process behind this decision. Choose to love.
  11. Good But Not Enough

    I agree GP. That's what's become of the "never good enough" philosophy which has been twisted I must say. I also agree that some churches take advantage of this to propagate absolute dependence on them as opposed to empowering the Christians to rely on God and fulfill their duties as well. But in the bigger scheme of things, I doubt we will ever have it all. We are only human...
  12. Good But Not Enough

    Consider these: 1 Samuel 1:1-8 - About Hannah and Elkanah (mother and father of Samuel). Hannah's womb had been closed and therefore she could not bare any children. She was ridiculed by her rival who had children and one such day where she spent her time mulling over her fate, Elkanah asks, " 8Her husband Elkanah would say to her, “Hannah, why are you weeping? Why don’t you eat? Why are you downhearted? Don’t I mean more to you than ten sons?â€" Eli was a good man. He gave Hannah a double portion because he loved her. But for Hannah, this was not quite enough. She needed a child which Elkanah could not give. 2 Kings 4:1-7 - A widow owed her creditors and at the point of having to pay back, she had no money. Her sons would be taken into slavery for any further defaults and she was desperate. 2 Elisha replied to her, “How can I help you? Tell me, what do you have in your house?†“Your servant has nothing there at all,†she said, “except a small jar of olive oil.†The small jar of oil was good to cook a meal but not enough to save her sons. Consider Goliath, donned in his full armor for battle. The weak point in his armor became his death point. The armor was good to protect all other parts but not quite enough. The lad who had 5 loaves and 2 pieces of fish- it was good for his lunch but not quite enough to feed the multitude. Have you ever been at the point where you realize what you have is good but you need "enough". Enough never comes by chance. Enough is not for the ordinary man. Enough is for those people who can believe in the One who does exceedingly, abundantly far above, what we ask or think! For people who can understand that the distance between Good and Enough is not only hardwork but Divine Intervention. The Extra that only the Hand of God can bring. Dare I say, waiting is good but not quite enough? We need the spirit of God to help us make good choices for partners that will bring completeness; that will produce the "enough". What else is good but not quite enough in your life? Can you believe God to bring you to a place of completeness and enough?
  13. Hello DHZ, I agree with what has been said so far and I must add that, you must first understand that a self-defeating mentality is not from God. It is the devil's way of diverting your attention and focus from who you truly are. I like to relate it to some imagery. Imagine for a minute, you are driving a car, with some loved ones in the backseat In driving, you do your normal periodic quick checks in your side or rear view mirror (but there's a reason your windscreen is that large and conveniently placed IN FRONT of you) Here's the twist - While behind the wheels,you do not fix your eyes on the road and your journey ahead.You constantly turn at every screech and whistling you hear behind you (which seems to taunt you constantly). I can assure you, without the gift of prophecy, that you will crush your car into something or some other cars and end up hurting (or worse killing) yourself, those you carry in your car, and even some other drivers. Let's bring this home: Those in the backseat are YOUR destiny and those whose lives you are to affect while you live The road is your course for this life (Hebrews 12:1-2) Other cars are people you meet on your life's journey Your car is your person (body, soul and spirit) Your road diversions are the things the devil conveniently places there to distract us and help us self-destruct. Your rear and side mirrors are those things (e.g. conscience, spirit) that help you check yourself from time to time. Now this is the reason I'm particularly excited about Joshua's advice: To me, that privacy and speaking to yourself in the closet in front of the mirror, is like rolling up your glasses, with a constant confession of who you are in Christ. It keeps your eyes so fixated on your course that it blocks out every whistling and taunt of the devil on the side of the road, to divert your attention, as you build your momentum in life. It nullifies his every attempt to get you to self-destruct. When you consider yourself in Christ, you do not feel any less deserving of the natures you will profess in front of that mirror because you are in Christ and Christ makes you worthy of them. I say this with some passion because, I have been there. And i must add that, from time to time, even as you do this, the devil will check in to see if you've lost track to perhaps yield to his distractions. Stay focused and speak to yourself (your spirit, soul and body). You cannot let yourself down; your generation and all creation awaits your manifestation (Romans 8:19). There is nothing defeating about this. This is a place of strength. Your life will impact many. You are laden with destiny and you will accomplish great things. Believe this! Profess what you want to see. Declare it! Proverbs 18:21 - Your tongue carries power to bring life. So speak words of life and your spirit will respond to bring a shift in your mentality. Encourage yourself in the Lord, DHZ. (1 Samuel 30:6); He's really good at stuff like this!
  14. Glad to be here

    Thanks everyone, for the warm reception.