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  1. Yes Bekki you're experiencing kindaa the same situation as me ... I think it's all about our attitude and the way we think and see the world ... so far i m feeling much betterrrrr and enjoying my life as it is ! just like you tnx for sharing your story <3
  2. Welcome Farid !
    Finally another Iranian here 
    Yuhoooo :D

    1. Farid


      Hi Rihhana


  3. Because i simply don t accept the fact that religion is inherited from your father! It s something that children should chose themselves ! So marriage btw muslims and other Abrahamic religions should either be forbidden for both gender or allowed for both. Where did these patriarchal ideas which don t have any roots in Quraan came into religion? I haven t find a clue in Quraan !forbidding the marriage of a Muslim woman to a Christian or a Jewish man is not based on any Qur’anic text or saying of the Prophet, but rather on a mutual agreement of scholars of all eras ... And if concept of God in christianity isn t the same then why Muslim men are allowed to marry a christian/Jewish lady?! ... There are contradictions ... I'm noth inviting ppl to have inter-faith marriage . It s better that ppl marry with someone who has similar religion and nationality ... But i m just saying i don t find it Haram... Well, Just my own opinion and understanding of religion bro ...
  4. Having children?

    So far Option#2
  5. I see ! Thnx for explaining jasmin ! I didn t know that
  6. Thanksss my drear Garaldine. Tnx for your beautiful comment:) yes nothing is without reason in this world , and i m absolutely certain about that. Yes i hope that your prayer comes true: I pray that you can see things in the way that God sees them. Tnx a million:)
  7. What is your ethnicity/national identity?

    Middle Eastern / Persian
  8. Hi Aparajita you are a beautiful strong girllll welcome!
  9. Hi Girlzz I'm 25 and my younger sis is 21 . It was her engagement party last night .( i also have another sister who is 34 and she has also gotten married when she was 22 , i don't have any brother , just to give you guys my whole family tree haha )... I have had some weird feelings during last few weeks, not to compare myself or being jealous or ... , I was really happy for my sis and the whole family last night and danced and enjoyed a lot but , i have this constant feeling of being lonelier than before If I had a boyfriend or had been in a relationship , it could be easier somehow , but because I'm currently 100% single , it's making the situation harder. I have a great self confidence , I know that I'm a beautiful strong girl, but I still sometimes have these bad feelings , I just wanted to ask you girls , have you ever been in similar situation ? or what would be your reactions and feeling if one day you had the same situation ... is it normal to feel a lil bit sad? any advice ? ... Ps : I'm also having a hard time talking to God . lol . if you have any religious advice , don't hesitate.
  10. It absoluty depends on your age and financial situation ... The older you get, the less time you need But in general , for ppl like us , who are waiting , it s not very healthy to date for a longggg time. I prefer 1 year
  11. Ave Maria I love it (it s a christian song i m right?)
  12. I m Muslim and I would really like to marry a christian guy ... Though most muslim Imams say it's forbidden but i don t care ! (it s just their interpretation of religion, i don't agree ). Ever since i joined this website i found out that christian guys are really nice , friendly and family-men ... Not to mention that we've got a lots of religious beliefes in common ... Loving Jesus and knowing him as a great prophet, believing in his miraculous born without father by virgin Mary and so on.... Well of course there are some differences but i personally don t care , as long as we both believe in one God ,and being a good human and loving each other If we had children , i would teach them what is similar in both relegions :)) that there is one God and a life after death and pre marital sex is not good and blah blah ... And will let them choose their own religion when they reach 16 :)) they can become muslim , christian , budhhist or atheist !
  13. what are you feelings on...

    Divorce : of course nobody likes it ... But i'm not that much against divorce . when i look at the history , women have always been abused and betrayed By their husbends , And because they didn't have financial and emotional support to divorce and start again , they were kindaa forced to continue their miserable life. even nowadays , in some rural and poor parts of my country and other 3rd world countries , it s like this (i m analysing this question from my point of view and my perspective) However , what we see nowadays in developed countries as divorce rate , is really sad and i don t like it either! I should also mention that divorce rate in my country is terrible and stunning ... Average of divorce rate in the world is 1 for 7 while in Iran it s 1 in 5 :(( Abortion : i m against it unless the foetus has very severe conditions and will suffer for the rest of his life Children : not a big fan of them hah . maybe cuz i have a lots of them around me(nieces ,nephews,cousins....). Maybe just 1 ...
  14. Heyyyy Ali how r u doing ?!
    miss u
    Chetori ?!

  15. I'm back after a longggg time !
    missed this website and its wonderful ppl ^^