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  1. Would you buy tampons and/or pads

    Self checkout.
  2. While perusing a bloggers site, I came across a desire she has. She desires to have a large bedroom with a fireplace. Now from time to time I wonder what our bedroom will be like, should I ever get married. I would like a large bedroom, one fit for a king and his queen. Hadn’t thought of a fireplace until I saw her posting. So what do you want? Small and cozy? Large and open? Somewhere in between? If I can get a few pics to attach, I’ll show examples of a bed I would like. And if they don’t attach, what I am interested in is 4 poster style with a romance/cozy theme. Undecided if I would want a king, or queen. Another blog I was reading shared pros and cons of each. Smaller bed, seems more intimate, but if your spouse is a sheet hog, or flops around all night, I can see where a larger bed might be more comfortable. Guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. On a related note, would anyone ever want separate beds? Not as an ongoing thing, (or maybe you would?) but say a spouse is sick/not feeling well? I know when I don’t feel well, I want to be alone, but I haven’t experienced that in the context of a marriage/spouse, so I am undecided. And maybe she is the type that wants to be alone if she has the flu/not feeling well, or even on her period, though I know not *all* women have issues with theirs.
  3. Absolutely not. Not only do I not want to date a woman with kids, I don’t want kids period. I realize that greatly diminishes my prospects, however I choose to believe God has someone for me.
  4. What You Want vs. God's Will

    Try loving her like God loves her and see where that goes.
  5. Hi, I'm new from OK.

    Mario?! I am in love! Welcome to the site, even though I am quite late to the party, as usual.
  6. I'm not married so my opinion doesn't matter but I never understood the point of a long engagement? If I met a girl and was certain enough she was to be my wife, hence asking for her hand/engagement, I wouldn't see a need for a long engagement. Maybe I am missing something. Given my propensity to be clueless, this is a real possibility. I hate to use a car analogy because people are not cars, but say a person went car shopping. Finds a car they really like. Has everything they are looking for, it would make them happy, etc. But as much as they like the car, they're not going to buy it for a year or 2.
  7. Saving your first kiss too?

    There's an OTC called Kanka is why he probably called it that. Normally I wouldn't care but it's 3 am. In bed on phone and sleep is being elusive.
  8. Changing nature of attraction?

    I am so sorry that happened.
  9. Natural family planning : what do you think?

    Just a guess but if one is planning their sexual activity, then there's no spontaneity. That's what I gathered from it.
  10. Higher education...

    This might be a mind bender for some, but the highest completed grade is around 4th/5th. I went to a private Christian school from K to 2nd, but parents couldn’t afford it any more, and since mom didn’t want me in a public school, she opted to try to home school me. Yeah, that worked out really well I would later find out. Turned out I hated school and school work. I can remember in second grade I was out reading every one else and quickly becoming bored. As a home schooler I preferred to curl up and read mystery novels for hours. Since I had a vivid imagination I would envision myself right along with the Hardy Boys on their adventures. Somewhere along the way I discovered I liked gardening, so for several years I grew a huge garden or mini farm as I called it, seeing as how I wanted to be a farmer around that time. Maybe we can pretend that counted for a school project of sorts! I also discovered I had an entrepreneurial spirit and have been involved in many ventures since age 14. Since I cultivated several streams of income, it allowed me to pay off my home and be debt free/semi retired by age 37. All of that to say I don’t have a high school diploma, nor a GED, much less any other higher education degrees. Interestingly when I tell people this, they’re shocked and assume I have at least some college experience. Apparently I come across as educated?! LOL! Although I am self taught in a few subjects. I’ve learned business, automotive/mechanics, welding, electrical, plumbing, cooking, etc. I love to tinker, and make things that make life easier. And I continue to learn, always soaking up knowledge. Do I have some regrets? Sure. But not enough to do anything about them. Perhaps the biggest regret I have is not having the social dynamic of being around people so I could learn how to be social and relate to people. As it is, I am socially inept, but working on it. Sure, I went to church and youth group, but that’s a few hours a week. Not every day like school. To finally answer the question at hand, I can go either way with her having, or not having a college education. I’ve noticed some of the most brilliant minds didn’t go to college. I have to wonder if in part some schools stifle true learning. Now if my wife possessed some nurse, physical therapy and massage skills, I would be set! I am forever injuring myself in some way.
  11. Higher Education

    I have to wonder of those who prefer men with degrees are doing so subconsciously from their “security glandâ€. That’s a term I heard on a Dave Ramsey show. It relates to women wanting to know and feel secure. I don’t fault them for that at all. Men don't generally feel anxious about not having enough money, whereas some women are terrified, not knowing where the money will come from, or if there will ever be enough. No doubt that higher education opens the doors for more opportunities versus not having higher education. We all choose the path we feel is right.
  12. Joint or Separate bank accounts

    I just can't figure out how 2 people can be intimate, joining their bodies and lives together, but oh noes....joining money/accounts is off limits. I agree each should have some of their own money they can do whatever they want and not have to "ask permission". I think it was Dave Ramsey who talked about having "blow" money in the budget. So every month when the budget is made, each person gets X amount to spend however they wish and neither needs to confer with the other. I'd be okay with that. If you don't trust your spouse, then why on earth did you marry him/her? S/he is suppose to be your best friend and team mate. Not the enemy. But I am single, so I don't really have a clue what I am talking about.
  13. How Much Is Too Much?

    Wanna get married!? But yeah, some of the things I have seen on registries seem like they're being greedy or trying to "recoup the costs of the wedding". It would be interesting if there was a study somewhere that showed whether "over the top/gotta have" types stayed married or not. I would be inclined to think they wouldn't last, once reality set in and they had to work at being married. "Who said it was work? I married the wrong one. Off to find the right one". On another note I would be cool with people bringing their favorite dish and we had a potluck like another mentioned. That weeds out a caterer and people seem to love sharing food. And I love eating, so there ya go! Another thing people could share would be notes of encouragement, struggles and success in their own marriages. Bride and I could then put it in a scrapbook to refer to as needed or just take a trip down memory lane. I am not so naive as to believe the marriage will be rainbows, sprinkled cupcakes and fuzzy bunnies 100% of the time. We could refer to the scrapbook and see what others have gone through and be encouraged that we, too, can make it. What can I say. I am sappy.
  14. How Much Is Too Much?

    If she needs our wedding to be over the top to feel good about things, then I’d say she isn’t the one for me. And I would hopefully know this about her before I ask for her hand in marriage. I’m not materialistic, and I don’t want my bride to be either. Yes, we can have nice things, but we don’t need to pursue them. As for gifts/registry. I dunno about my bride, but I just as soon not get any gifts, or if guests are gonna be offended because they just *have* to give something…they can donate money to a women’s/children’s shelter, or humane society, or cancer/medical research. Or any charity of their choosing. I am quite blessed and not in need of anything. Although a Kitchen-Aid mixer might be handy! Now if I could just find my princess. Castle is prepared, just awaiting on her arrival.
  15. That was nice. I sometimes daydream about how I will propose. One girl I am interested, not sure if it will go anywhere, but I admit what it might be like to propose to her. One idea I had was incorporating a baseball glove, and inside would be a note "You're an amazing catch!", being that she is a huge baseball fan.
  16. Butt Glitter

    I just picked up a 55 gallon drum of glitter at Costco.
  17. Would you date a guy who's still living at home?

    I OWN my home and still can't get dates. Although I attribute that to being socially inept. That, and I don't date just to be dating.
  18. Intimate disclosure...and tattle

    I wouldn't be comfortable with my wife sharing details about our sex life. And I don't plan on sharing details about her. Unless we're in counseling for something sex related, I don't see how talking to others about intimate matters helps anyone. I don't know how it is for women, so maybe it's not an issue, but if some guy was telling me how great his wife was in bed or breast size, or whatever, that's going to plant images in my head that won't honor my wife. I have to do what I can to guard myself.
  19. Do you prefer a "manly" man or a "sensitive" man?

    I think it’s safe to say I am a mix of the two. I dunno that I have a “rugged†look, but at the moment I am growing a beard. I drive a 4x4. Own a gun. Used to have an AK47, a few SKS, and some other stuff. Now down to a 9mm pistol. No tats. Definitely a meat and potatoes kinda guy. I fix/maintain a majority around here such as vehicles, plumbing, wiring, appliances, etc. Would love to teach a woman how to do an oil change, if only for the one time experience. Have been known to shed a tear or 5 during a sappy movie. Or maybe coincidentally I got something in my eye. If something is bothering me, I will tell you. Not a chance I will ever wear skinny jeans. I’m compassionate. Gentle, yet strong. Not musically talented, though I do like to sing. Perhaps a good thing I live alone! If you tell me something, I listen. I work in scrap metal so constantly getting dirty, cut, bruised, burned, etc. Signed on with the local humane society to foster kittens on an as-needed basis. Just finished fostering a litter of orphan kittens a few weeks ago. I'm sure there is more, but I've prattled on as it is with a topic directed to women.
  20. Spending the Night

    I don’t want to play “house†before I’m married. This includes being overly affectionate. At this time I am not even sure I want to hold hands till marriage. May seem silly but it’s a form of intimacy and I don’t want to stir/ignite passion in her before it’s time. I definitely don’t plan to entertain the idea of sleeping over. For one I, and maybe her, would be tempted. Even if nothing sexual happens, I still would feel like a deep intimacy was forming before we’re actual husband/wife. How close can I get to the fire without getting burned? Why even attempt it? Just not a road I want to travel down.
  21. Hello

    Name’s Mark. Have been lurking for a minute. I am not a virgin, unfortunately, but I am committed to waiting until I marry, should that ever happen. North of 37 here. It gets discouraging, but I try to keep the faith that my princess is out there somewhere. Maybe it’s just the hopeless romantic in me. Emphasis on hopeless. In the mean time I am enjoying the plethora of topics. Are there 30s folks here? So far I am seeing late teen/20s. Though I seem to recall a 30 something or 2.
  22. Re-introduction!

  23. Who here aspires to marry a wealthy man?

    I’m male but would like to chime in. I can understand a woman wanting a man to have a decent income (not necessarily wealthy). I think it strikes fear in the heart of a woman if she has to wonder how they’re going to buy food, or keep the lights/heat on. It relates to her need for security. I, too, have heard that money issues is a top reason for divorce. While I don’t know if it’s a lack of money that is the primary issue, or the way it’s spent, but I’ve headed off part of that by paying my home off 16 years early. I am 100% debt free. I don’t know if I will ever marry, but if I do, I would think that would be a huge relief for my bride, knowing we don’t have a mortgage or debt. I’d even go so far as to say I think the marriage would be more fun/enjoyable without the constant stress of finances. It would also give us the opportunity to bless others.
  24. How much does money matter?

    I’m terribly late to the party. I wouldn’t put too much stock in what others think you should do. These people may be wealthy and pay cash for things, but it’s been my experience most people are up to their eyeballs in debt trying to impress others. Doubt that’s a road you want to go down. Pun intended. I recommend reading “The Millionaire Next Doorâ€. Generally the truly wealthy you wouldn’t know from looking at them. Most drive ordinary cars and aren’t terribly concerned what people think of them. Both of my vehicles have over 200 thousand and I plan to drive them till they die. I do all my maintenance, so that saves money. Plus I pay cash for my vehicles, so no money piddled away on interest. Honda’s really are quite reliable. I’d keep it. This topic reminds me of a comment I saw on a forum. A guy would weed out materialistic women by picking them up in a beater. If they agreed to a second date he picked them up in his Corvette. That’s one way of doing things!
  25. That's what I want. Thanks for sharing.