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    I love being active and out in nature. I read a lot, especially folklore and mythology. I'm currently learning Spanish, travel frequently, and work in art direction and design.

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  1. I've made that list, actually This website holds an extremely unique community of people that I don't have the privilege of knowing in my day to day life, thus why I am sharing with all of you. It's interesting for me to hear your opinions, but I don't base my life on what anyone else thinks of me or my choices, so I take that which doesn't resonate with a grain of salt. I really do appreciate the feedback though. And I find myself really interested in your/Invincible's advice, as you are both men who are waiting. Something I've yet to encounter in person, and I find myself curious about the experience of a male around my age doing this. Lol, ok. In my lexicon 'fault' has a punitive and judgemental bent. Thanks for clarifying.
  2. Thank you for sharing that story. As I've never been in a relationship with a fellow waiter, I am quite aware of the pitfall! I can happily say however that I have an iron will, heh. My website name should actually be 'steel magnolia.' I've also been lucky to never have anyone overtly try to change my mind. Though, I think less obvious convincing is probably more dangerous and hard to detect. My current boyfriend doesn't do either of those things, we communicate very openly, and that's where this conflict a few days ago originated. Yes, it is of the utmost importance. No compromise shall be made, and I know that I will have what I am waiting for. I appreciate your support!
  3. How much does money matter?

    It isn't important to be 'well-off,' I think that quality people find someone who is really passionate about something in their life, most attractive. Be it work, or even a hobby. Someone superficial would value a 'nicer' car more than who you are as a person. Who wants that..
  4. Hi Invincible, I see where you are coming from, but do you think that someone (say someone who does value sex, but in a more mainstream way because that's all they knew before meeting you) can learn the value of waiting? I have never met a fellow within my age range (plus or minus 5 years to my 29) who is still a virgin, in person, I mean. Here I have e-met you all It seems even rarer than meeting women who are waiting... I could be wrong. But thank you for your words, and I will not settle for anything less than what I feel completely at ease and content with
  5. Hey Ringer, Hmm, I'm honestly not sure why you would say that 'this is my fault.' I'm not complaining about anything, I'm just curious if anyone else in my same situation has ACTUALLY been in a relationship with a non-waiter, not if they would or wouldn't. It doesn't sound like you have, so I appreciate your feedback and your well wishes, but I was curious to know if anyone has been in love with someone who comes from such a different background. And yeah, you're totally right! Thanks for saying it all how it is, and sharing your opinion anyway.
  6. Hey, Just wondering if anyone else has or has had this experience and struggles with it as time passes in a relationship with someone who isn't also waiting for marriage... I've been in a long distance, international relationship with someone for almost 2 years. He's so understanding, and we have built incredible trust and respect between us, but I feel responsible for the fact that he is deeply struggling with having a celibate relationship with me. I have made it this far, and would never cave in because of feelings of guilt, but it's weighing on me and makes me just want to throw in the towel, even though we are incredibly in love. We only see one another every 3 months, and I am going to visit him for a month in the New Year. On one hand, I am excited and want to just enjoy my time traveling and spending time together. On the other hand, I feel this incredible burden and like neither of us can give each other what the other wants. Thank goodness I have people to talk to here, thank you for taking the time to read this.
  7. Hi everyone, I am glad to have found this website!

    Thank you so much Javier, I really appreciate the support Thank you for introducing yourself, I hope to speak to you more soon
  8. Hi, I have recently found myself wondering if I am the only person for miles around who is waiting for marriage! So glad to see I am not, hehe. It's been a little isolating honestly, but I am following my heart and wouldn't have it any other way. I am in my late 20's, and I don't know anyone else in my age range who has the same values as me. Glad I mustered up the courage to introduce myself. Please introduce yourself and I look forward to getting to know everyone