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  1. Trying to find a movie on a torrent site, remember very little except ... there’s a wife & husband, possibly feuding, on a boat in the ocean somewhere and the wife falls overboard. The husband motors around trying to find her, there are flashbacks to happier times (I think) and at the end the husband finds her in the water and jumps overboard to be with her. Maybe from the 70’s?
  2. Mental issues...

    This year has been unprecedented, with regards to mental health. If one watches the (bad) news enough, it can be believed. Hopefully, a vaccine will be effective (and safe) soon. If not, then I don't see a bright future for mental health, for a long time.
  3. Have you ever cried during a movie?

    These two movies made me cry: "Marley And Me" - the ending when they have to let Marley go - just recently rewatched it through . Another one is which made both my wife and I cry was Hachi - A Dogs Tale which is based on a true story.
  4. Although it is a hard decision to make and we both believe that contraception is not preferable, we decided that as of right now we will use birth control at least for our wedding night and the honeymoon. After that we plan to use NFP.
  5. Eating Healthy and Exercising!

    I have always had trouble with eating habits and tried everything you can think of (drinking tons of water before each meal, small meals, small plates and utensils, filling up on healthy foods, etc) but can’t seem to find something that sticks. I try to grocery shop when I’m full and stick to only having healthy foods...but my fiancé eats tons of junk so it’s around anyways! I recently stumbled upon Neghar Fonooni’s blog where she talks about her struggles with eating and moderation and really related. I haven’t figured this out yet but I am trying to have a healthier view of my eating and be forgiving of myself when I eat unhealthy.
  6. Birth control/condoms as a married man or woman

    I didn’t go on birth control after my first or second. I just told the doctor we planned to have another and that we’d use condoms or something until it was safe. We didn’t though. We just pulled out
  7. I feel bad. Personally, I didn't really even notice until a day or two that my anxiety attacks morphed and were being sneakier. Now they are taking the form of extreme tiredness, especially while I am out or driving. I start feeling really tired and then get anxious that I can't stay awake. I try to find wayout on health oriented websites like Canadian Pharmacy website and other anxiety help forums. Hope I'll cope.
  8. Dating Site Mistakes

    Maybe try Hinge, OkCupid, or Bumble. Plenty of guys I know get dates from those dating apps. And if you're not getting any swipes, have a female friend take a look at your profile to see if there is anything you could improve on. I see some legitimately awful male profiles while swiping and I'm pretty sure those dudes have no idea that their profiles are putting people off.
  9. Nail polish color?

    I cannot tell you about all nail polishes. But you cannot go wrong with F.U.N Lacquer. I use their holographic line. Of course a lot of brands have holo lines, but do try F.U.N Lacquer - they really are great on nails because you can pick a subtle color and then the party happens when you find some sunshine.
  10. Gamer Guys, Hot or Not??

    I personally play poker and love this game for its strategic potency. If you are about to start, the first you need to read a little about the history of Poker. This will give you a slight glimpse into how tough or easy the game is and what could be the chances for you to make money if you start playing poker. After that, you should learn about the basics from YouTube and from people on the forum. This will give you instant understanding about the game. Also check out online casino for real money AUS
  11. Gamer Guys, Hot or Not??

    I personally know plenty of girls who are gamers. About the same amount of guys I know that are gamers; by that I mean people who play more than just one game (Fifa, COD) or people who play a lot. I am a poker guy. Have already worked my own winning strategy on
  12. Alcohol/Drinking

    I am not an alcohol addict, but I have some in my family. An addict person needs support from other addicts, which you would get at N.A. or A.A. meetings. It might help to have sober friends or a place to go where you could express yourself. Do not hesitate to use alcohol hotline. They can help as they know how addicts handle recovery. Also you can find some useful information on
  13. Gamer Guys, Hot or Not??

    I am a true gamer. Eh too short of a list but oh well. My " 10" favorite games Star Trek Invasion Beyond the Beyond Alpha Protocol Dino Crisis Metal Gear Solid 4 Legend of Legaia Crash Bandicoot 1 for original Playstation Zelda Ocarina Conception II Online Poker on thekingcasino
  14. Mental issues...

    Mental health is no joke. CBD by is my real helper. I vape CBD for my anxiety (currently tapering off of a low dosage of xanax) and for Restless Leg Syndrome symptoms. Works wonderfully for both.
  15. Childbirth and my daily arthritic pain. The most painful when I get it in my hip as its agonising laying down,standing,walking and getting on and off the loo:( I've been even taking best CBD gummies to deal with this annoying pain.