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  1. Hello Again

    I was here pretty frequently in (I think) 2012 but I stopped after a while. My username was loyalhero90 but I just changed it to Ranvier90. I miss this place so I decided to rejoin. Still a virgin, waiter so nothing has changed there. I majored in Neuroscience at Amherst College and now I'm working on inflammation in the brain during chemotherapy treatment (or Chemobrain). I'm working towards a phd but I might go md/phd. I still like saltwater aquaria and video games. I really enjoy scuba diving and swimming. I'm planning a trip to bali, indonesia.
  2. Dropping out of ROTC

    Hello, this is not really a "waiting" question but something has been haunting me for a long time now. I was in ROTC in college and also majoring in Neuroscience which was a heavy major. In ROTC I injured my right hand and had to take a medical leave. I also had a lot of personal/family problems that compounded during that semester. I didn't return back to ROTC mainly due to the stress of the heavy science course load from neuroscience. The thing that bothers me is that I feel a little shame for technically dropping out of ROTC. I remember talking to one of the leaders about my injury and then he stated "Oh so you are too weak", and I can tell myself over and over again that he was a jackbag but I've always been bothered with the idea of being weak whether physically or mentally. I can tell myself repeatedly that in general women don't have the same upper body strength than men do and that the military is not right for me but the idea of being too weak to handle it still bothers me. I tie it back to some heavy feminist ideology in college (no offense to feminist I just don't think the actions of most feminist (at least in america) match the definition of feminism so I'm not the most accepting of it) it was the ideology that women can and should do the same as men with the assumption that there are no gender differences. So ROTC was almost like a challenge to show that I could handle the stakes but yet it felt like I failed. Has any other female felt this odd "competitive/ashamed" feeling with not being able to compete against men? Does anything that I'm saying make sense? P.S- I am a woman and I'm in grad school now in a Neuroscience grad program.