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  1. On 5/21/2016 at 10:28 AM, Alyssa12 said:

    I feel so alone with the whole wtm thing irl and I just felt like I wanted support lol. I hate feeling like I'm the only one in the world that waits. It almost feels like you're sticking out like a sore thumb around everyone else.

    Copy that sore thumb one. Sore thumb two here, over... krskkk...

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  2. Wow wow hold on, nice point you have there about single and waiting, but you forgot about one thing, my good friend.

    See, in terms of science, we are those so called rare, near extinct species, with extreme small numbers, and this piece of rock floating around in the nothingness of universe called earth is too damn big. That's it.


    But of course, we can do something about the main problem about that problem called money for travelling to meet the one you love from this site.


    I still have two kidneys.

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  3. I feel so alone with the whole wtm thing irl and I just felt like I wanted support lol. I hate feeling like I'm the only one in the world that waits. It almost feels like you're sticking out like a sore thumb around everyone else.




    Welcome. :D

  4. I don't think I'd want to date someone who's dating other women. I'd feel like I wasn't special enough to pursue, lol.

    (And where are they getting all these dates from anyway? I need to get out more.)


    Love is that silly things when you want someone to have you. Not the other way around. So, when it comes, you'll not gonna think about yourself anymore. Silly it is, was, and will be. But majestic it is.


    But then, about those kind of multi-date players, well...


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  5. However, yesterday evening I stumbled upon an article titled: "7 Reasons Why Atheists Wait until Marriage", an article which lead me to this website!!!! I was so thrilled to find out that there is a whole community out there (which includes some agnostics and atheists) that desire to wait to have sex until marriage like I do!


    Here is four of my thumbs, milady.  :lol:

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  6. Ya, you can say I lost my eye's virginity to the sun.
    A total solar eclipse sweep across the vast Indonesian archipelago this morning. The total phase of this solar eclipse is not visible in Dompu, where I live, but it can be observed here as a partial solar eclipse, but well, better than nothing.

    Unlike total solar eclipse, partial solar eclipse are harder to shoot. Since it is, well... Partial, there is still too much light radiating from that ball of fire, even at the peak of the eclipse. The sky is still too bright for easy snap.

    Too much filters stacked or low quality filters means low image quality. Less or no filter at all, then it is a whiteout overexposured photos.

    Eclipse Shooter by Farhan Perdana (Blek), di Flickr

    I got one ND filter mounted on my Big Beercan, and as you can see, I still need to set both F and Shutter Speed at max end. F40 with 1/4000 at iso 100.

    And bummer, that small aperture makes every tiny bit details of dirt from the glass of the lens and filter appeared on the photo.

    Ah well, but it was fun indeed...!

    So, here you go. The picture of solar eclipse from 08°32′11″S, 118°27′48″E, 0.8 magnitude, Dompu, Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia from an old, second hand, entry level digital camera and it's 1986 lens, sittin' with the photographer in his home yard.

    Solar Eclipse by Farhan Perdana (Blek), di Flickr

    A crappy video to complete this report :P :
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    I was born in middle east (Iran) , But we moved to Europe with my family . Yes , I admit that life is really difficult for people living in secular countries . but It's getting more and more difficult  , even in muslim countries .cuz  less and less ppl are practicing WTM there as well ... :-/



    Confirmed in Indonesia. :)

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  8. As a woman, I'm not really sure if being a nerd has played any part in my maintained virginity, as it never seemed to deter guys from trying to pursue me. It really has more to do with standards, respect for myself, and my pursuit of God, to be honest.


    I second this. Lots of people I know that are into anime or manga or comic or games or whatever it is are sexually active.

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  9. Istutiy/nanri 3116 LK. Thanks for a nice welcome. And hi there JesSea, thanks to you too! :)

    Being polyglotism isn't such a rare findings that deserve a praise when it comes to Indonesian. Whenever an Indonesian was born, their family will raise them using local language. Be it Javanese, Sundanese, Balinese, Macassan, the list will go on and heck, each languages are mutually unintelligible from each other. So diverse that even on my neighbour regencies, they have a tottally different local languages and local alphabets.

    That is their first.

    Then, at school age, their teachers teach them the national language. Indonesian.

    That is their second.

    Then, they'll probably go to college or getting work, which is another one or two district or province from where they came from. There, they'll learn another local language since peoples all around Indonesia rarely use Indonesian language on daily activities. Instead, they use their local languages, and using Indonesian only when it comes to ceremonial or politic related occasions.

    That is their third.

    Take the famous Bali for example. Most of people there can speak 3 languages, Bali, Indonesia, and Java or Sasak or both. Go to tourist concentrated place like Kuta, then even meatball sellers can speak English. Five languages, one person. :D

    But I bet you are polyglot as well, BSD daemon. You can speak shellscript. Now that's what we call rare polyglots. :P