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  1. Greetings from Asia

    That majority stuffs has been extinct for years. Even those from rural areas of Indonesia are sexually active nowadays. It is kinda sad. Oh, pardon me, where are my manners? Hello there KIP. Nice to know another Indonesian was here before me. So I am not alone after all.
  2. The closest one being webmd site... The researcher's site are no where to be found.
  3. I believe the last one about plucking its feathers is the greatest hoax ever about this great bird. Too bad.
  4. Hello there!

    My motivation, WakeUp&BeAwesome? Well, it is not that great actually. It is just that I considered my untouched-self as a long lasting gift to my future wife. Also, it is easier to put her trust in me later, if I have a clean track record to begin with. As sex technique whatsoever, I believe I can learn it from lots of source. Heck, I've build a lots of complicated physic apparatus just by reading a text guide. I believe the you-must-practice-with-real-stuffs to get stuffs works is way too overrated. Even a donkey can know that a fall into a pit hole hurts by looking another donkey's accident. Learning from observation exist and works. And if my future wife likes one thing and hate another, human always can talk. And at that time, I am not just another human. I am a husband of her. What I believe, you don't need to test-drive me. I am not a piece of metals and plastic tampered with few rubbers here and there that need a gasoline to do a simple task, which is rolling out on a road. I am alive and growing, and for the sake of a girl that loved me, changes are not a really big deal. I can be anything she want me to be. As for my future wife? I don't really that care whatever she has a gift for me or not. What matters is my gift to her. If she appreciate such gift, that means she shared the very same idea, weather she is still virgin or not. She'll come... Or don't. After all, I've been alone long enough for my friends to said that I have spider's net on my crotch. Hahahahaha... Ah konban yo, ArtsyGal. mochiron desu, yomimasu. ArtsyGal no Kangei suru de, hontou ni arigato na. Yoroshiku. And also, samaye, thanks for the welcome.