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    God and guns, trucks and more guns hahaha i am a simple man with big dreams, I Love learning and readin, extremely soo, i love to box and stuff, i like chick flicks and horrors, i love to bike(need to fix mine) and i like to play video games, also kinda shy

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  1. Facial Hair

    well since i think i am one of the few men here with a beard, ill throw my two cents in, now ladies i have a saying for guns its called you can have it when you take it from my cold dead hands, and the same is with my beard, you will have to drug me, tie me down and shave it yourself, i keep it nice and trimmed, but by no means am i going beardless haha
  2. What is a date?

    eh just got to roll with the punches missy, a date is a date if you make it to be a date, and honestly if a guy goes hey you want to hang out someitme, ITS A DATE, hahaha, but eh i digress. thats my thoughts so ya ha
  3. bad idea ya'll, just have to set your boundaries, and remember to wait for marriage it sint about how close to the line of "sex" you want to go to, but how far away you can get. so in essence im saying nope not for me
  4. umm im leaving

    you know very few times i cry, and i cried after reading all of these nice things said to me, only yall can make me cry like this, shoot, well just ya, like i dont need sex, nor do i crave it more then i did when i waas wtm,
  5. umm im leaving

    i see what you are all sayin and ya idk, thatss all i can say is idk, and failily a girl on top ofme changed my mind hhaha, just ya idk , life, and Garden i like u said have the two things, wanting to wait again and the other to go find women and go for it, so ya
  6. umm im leaving

    i know just ya ill give it a few days thought but , like idk like it happened its what it is, i cant change that, i dont feel remorse, or condemnation, i feel different, liek i cant explain, i want it still but i dont also, just have to figure it out for myself i guess, just know i always will love you guys no matter what, kendra u specialy, been there when i needed you, just have to take a step back i guess and reavulate my life
  7. ive been on the site still on checked out on stuff, just been working har and havent been able to get on, but just im leavin the site cause i cant say im waiting till marriage any more, i let yall down, had sex and now i am not a virgin anymore, sorry yall, just stay awesome, one less standing against the dark side
  8. Pet Names

    eh hahah, relationships just get their own pet names, i mean u have the basics for every relation ship then you will have your own also, i personaly always get called guebear ahah, cause im a big teddy bear and my name rhymes with bear, i love callin a girl princess or sugarsnapes, but i am not a fan of babe, i think it just gets used tooooo much, i love love tho hahah, fav name for sure, "love come over here" or sweetie-pooo haha, its wht i called my childhood bestfriend/girfriend and i just loves it too death, i always call girls darlin so that isnt too special for me, but now i am rambling ans sorryh hahah
  9. What do you like about being single?

    i personally like being able to do what i want, to talk to i want to, and not have stuff tieing me down, i mean ya it wopuld be great to have a girl right now, but why not just go out and hang with a bunch of girls, i find it better and i get a closer realization on what kind of women i want.
  10. Where would you like to be kissed?

    well hmmmmm personally as a man, i liek any where, and every where, it just brings a closeness, and a sense of intamcy, i love when a women kissed my cheek, or beard, and when i am havin a bad day my forehead its just wonderful
  11. Having Daughters

    i want like two fo each shoot, get to take all of them shootin and muddin, teach the boys about football and such, then be able to watch my daughter dance or such, teach her extra well to shoot ahahah(thats for all the boys out there) then i get to scare her dates with all my guns, and just ys, walk her down the ille at her wedding, just 2 daughters would be great, and 2 boys would be great also
  12. Guys, what exactly

    well honestly i liek older women, and single mothers, ummm kind peopel, those are the ones i go after, girls that have ambition and goals, and are honest and hard working, who know how to love right, and are like the corny sweetness i bring ton the table. Girls who can talk my ear off, and girls that are easy to make smile, i mean thats how i am, i prefer women who are meatier then normal(i hate really skinny girls), i like girls that can keep up with me, wether with hikin, walking, livin life, and who are health, who dont just gorge themselves all the tiem, and who aretn two-faced. so ya hahahi really do like singe mothers tho, fav kind of women
  13. Rude Kids

    well i beleive in the bible, and the bible says do not spare the rod, i will beat them, good for sure, i was raised right, i was beat, and hell i turned out well when it comes to respect and dignity, and such. I also will talk with them afterwards, why they got a beaten, how i love them very much and cause i do thats why i wont tolerate bad behavior, you have to follow DD and stacie on both, because both are partnly right, if you blend both ideas together it comes out perfect.
  14. Who did you want to be when you grew up?

    i wanted to be a paleoentalogist, then a lawyers, then a herpatologist, then a pastor hahaha, thats about it
  15. facts bahahaha, like your facts about Obama, or guns, or life, ahahahah the crap you say, bahahahha not, facts you dont know facts bud, do more research, ask people who were once gay, then are now straight, ask people like that before yhou say " they are full of shit" k, look up websites that are unbiased, and dont get all you crap from the news, because hoenstly it makes me frustrated when you talk about stuff that isnt true, or half true