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Hey Guys and Girls,
My names joseph, and well to start off im south indian by origin but ive settled down here in Dubai (yup thats the place with the tallest building in the world ;)  ). Im a christian by faith, and being trying real hard to follow all of it's teachings but it's real hard work, especially with all the temptations of this world.
Im a waiter because i believe that's how God made us for: 1 women for 1 man. And i really want to have a lasting, fruitful marriage. I've always beleived that us humans make comparisons for everything and i want to avoid that especially when it comes to my wife. She's got to be my first and my best. I do admit it's so hard to wait. i've been tempted so many times but i held on to my values because i knew it was the right thing to do. I joined this site cause i really wanted to talk to fellow waiters cause only you guys would understand for what i'm doing this for. I was really shocked to see girls on here who do wait and don't change cause the world tells you too. A lot of my friends (girls and guys) don't think of waiting till marriage and well it just saddens me to know that im the only guy waiting. :(   So to the girls here please stay the same and never change, besides you girls give me some hope :)
I hope to find many friends here and please don't hesitate to message me if you want to know more about me. Thanks to all the guys who made this site possible :)