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  1. Sometimes i wonder whatever happened to love?...As i read all the experiences of the people around you i keep asking God why is this happening...i feel hurt and sorry for the majority of the people around us. It saddens me to see so many of my friends who go through the same thing. I guess like you said...there must be a purpose for the minorities like us and God will reveal that to us in due time. Thanks for sharing childoftheonetrueking.

  2. Actually very hard, but it's the same for a girl looking to find a waiter as well. It's just not the thing in today's society anymore. But the one advice i could give you is you attract who you are. Some girls who have your views are going to find you more attractive than other girls. The only problem is these girls are so few that it's going to be hard finding one. Just don't give up and wait. My dad's told me this a million times....Good things come to those who wait...


    You'll find her soon DHZ. :)

  3. Hey Alyssa,


    I do understand how you feel. I've felt so alone sometimes because of my beliefs but i always used to think i couldn't be the only who thinks like this. I found this site and i realized that i'm not alone. We are a minority but if we stick together, we wouldn't ever be discouraged by what the majorities say and do.


    Whenever you feel alone, get on this site and we'll give you all the support you need. :)


    Hope to see more of you alyssa.

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  4. Hey XD,


    In my opinion, if it affects you now, then her past is surely going to affect you after you get married as well. I understand how you feel, cause you and her are simply not in the same situation. A lot of people are gonna tell you the past is past and all that but no one's going to understand how you truly feel. If your not able to get over her past then that is a sign that you should move on cause it might have problems when you start dating again or get married.


    Secondly Lets say you and your ex decide to get married. When you have kids i guess you'll want to teach them the same values as you which is to wait till marriage right? Well it would be hard to do that cause your wife didn't practice it. I'm not saying that she's at fault here but i'm just saying that it would be difficult to explain your stance on WTM to your kids cause both of you'll dint practice it....i hope you understand what i mean... :)


    I've always believed God gives you what you need rather than what you want. So in your case what i would say is look deep down and ask God to give you the wisdom to choose what you have to do. She's not the only girl. There might be someone else out there that God has for you so keep that in mind and make a decision... :)


    Good luck XD

  5. Saw this topic and thought id give my opinion as well... :) ...When i pray i just speak from deep down my heart. I feel that way we really mean every word we say when we pray to our Father. There is no time and place or anything. Anytime i feel like praying or calling out to God, i do so cause i know his spirit's always there. According to me prayer can be even a simple Thank-you Lord or Im so grateful Lord. Prayer to me is more like talking to a spirit who i know is always by my side... :)  

  6. Hey, Madupriya, great to know there are waiters in india too. It's nice to meet you. Indians on this site are extremely rare, so it's great to know im not alone. :) ..Im from india too, from the far south actually. Where are you from? 

  7. Welcome to the site William. Im so glad you found this site. I completely agree with what you said about always doing the easy thing rather than the right thing. So many people i know do tell me same thing. They always do the easy thing and then justify to me why it's right and try to convince me to do the same. I guess it's cause deep down they have this feeling that maybe the harder thing was the right to do... :P  

  8. I did have a friend in college who i put into my "friend-zone" so to say. At first she was amazing, we'd talk quite a lot on the phone and message a lot. But later on i realized she had different views from me. She wasn't a waiter and she had different intentions. I realized that she wanted to have a casual fling with me. I was angry and disappointed but im glad i didn't go further. That's when i lost my feelings for her and she was just a friend in my eyes after that.


    So yes, in my opinion i think a guy does put a girl in a friend-zone. Now that statement doesn't hold good if a guy is only into having sex with any girl he sees or finds attractive.. :P    

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  9. Im going to be as honest as i can here and i hope i dont get judged for it. I used to watch porn from a very young age and i have to admit it was an addiction. I tried so much to stop and i couldnt. But i realized that just a year ago that it's having a negative effect on me as well as it goes completely against my christian beliefs. I have stopped watching any form of porn for the last one year and it's great. my body feels so much better, i dont keep feeling guilty and in general i feel so much more sensitive in every part of my body than before. Porn really messes up your penis and genitals (its natural functioning)...Im serious!!. I guess i am proof that is really affects a guys mind in many ways. Even my perception of women has changed from negative to positive after i stopped


    For any guy or girl struggling with this addiction, i know how you feel and my advice is to stop watching porn completely by keeping targets. Force yourself not to watch it at any cost. At first it gets very frustrating but you learn self control like never before. Trust me it got very bad for me but if i could stop it completely so can you.

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  10. One of the biggest challenges i have faced while waiting was my constant hormonal urge. I guess it's different for every guy, but iv'e had a really high sex drive as long as i can remember and sometimes it drives me nuts. Waiting in today's world is so much harder because the majority of the people don't wait and you start to doubt if you'll ever find someone who waits as well. I guess some people think it's not worth to wait cause no one's waiting, thus they give up.


    Secondly, for me personally waiting is so hard because people have over sexualized everything in the world today from cars to household goods. Look at any form of media and you'll see what i'm talking about. And because of all this the temptation is so much more.   

  11. Hey Grace, Im so glad you found this site. It is truly a blessing to have you on board this site. On behalf of me and everyone here on WTM,




    I decided to wait from the same time as you, somewhere around 12 and 14. So glad to know i wasnt the only one at that age.




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  12. Hey welcome Rihhanna, it's great to see so many people of different races and religions practicing wtm. Bless you and you're absolutely right, God shows signs through so many different ways. In my life God acted through so many people and sometimes we just cant thank God enough.... :) 


    I'm so glad you found this brings all of us misfits of society together... :P  

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  13. To be honest, I love all boobs,asses (big and small :P )and lots of sex too. I have a raging sex drive so its in overdrive for me.. ;) ...But i think what differentiates a waiter from a non waiter guy is self control. Each of us have our reasons for waiting whether it may be religious or scientific but our ability to say no and keep to what we believe in spite of our primal urges is what makes us humans different from animals. I would also like to add that sometimes us men have to be in primitive mode when the time in right like when we make love to our wives and not at other times... :D          

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  14. Well, i apologize if i offended Weapon X and to Matthew and Peter if i wasn't being nice. It's just my opinion and i don't expect everyone to agree with me. And Matthew i didn't check his post count but your right he was quite a regular member. All i meant is when such a valued member says he isn't waiting, it just bring down the hopes of all of his followers on here who are waiting as well, that's what i meant. I tend to be very expressive sometimes (ill try to change that :) ) so do forgive me for it...


    I agree with CrystalFaerie, In a way it's good that Waiting X decided to express his stance on the topic and not leave us wondering what happened to Weapon X. I dint think of it in that perspective :) .

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  15. Well, i know it's strange but i just have to ask you girls on here. Well the thing is iv'e had long eyelashes for as long as i can remember and iv'e had 2 girls comment (in a positive way :D ) about it. I just wanted to know what the girls on here think about it. Do you mind if a guy had long eyelashes? Also do you think find it a turn off or a turn on...Yes im curious to know... :P






    P.S ---You can be honest, i promise you it wont hurt my feelings.. ;)

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  16. Hey bippy,


    I understand your problem. You see you can only upload a certain KB size of a picture file as your profile pic so if you want to reduce the size ill give you the easiest way possible. Just follow these steps


    1) Open your profile pic in paint (Im assuming your using the windows OS)

    2) Go to resize option on the top tab of the paint application 

    3) Make sure the percentage option button is clicked

    4) Change the value to 50% and save the file

    5) Your profile picture will now be a lot smaller in KB

    6) Upload in WTM :)


    Hope this helps bippy




  17. Hey Burento,


    I doubt abstinence is the norm anywhere in the world. As you know it's a very hard thing to do for most people, hence why such a small community of waiters exists on this site. I feel some places force abstinence upon their communities and it's not done out of choice thus there can be many set backs in those communities. People are scared to go against the norm of those societies thus a lot of them tend to lie even if their not abstinent. I hope you understand what im trying to say. According to me it depends on families and how they bring up their children and that can be in any part of the world... :)


    Hope that helps    




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  18. Yeah as Peter mentioned. If you dont want to wait that's your choice but i don't think it was wise to make such a public display of it. As you know people on here are so dedicated to waiting and it's not something a majority of people do so your post would be real bummer to all of them. All these people on here give me hope as a waiter so i didn't like your post one bit. With all due respect you shouldn't be on here if you think you don't want to wait anymore cause there are so many other sites where you'd fit right in..  :)

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  19. You can just be friends, from my personal experience it is possible. I have plenty of girls who are very good friends but im always aware of my limits. Always know where to draw the line whether it may be in your actions or conversations and i think girls and guys wont have a problem. As far as i know i have only had one friend who i developed very strong feelings for after being friends for a while and that was because she had exactly the same values and beliefs (about everything in life) as me so it was really hard not to see her more than a friend.