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    Hi..I am Candace and well very new to this. I am 34 and a virgin. Only friends know this about me because well, I can't handle any more feedback or comments from non virgins. Like oh I couldn't wait .. what are you afraid of.. is it because of your religion ??? I had been dating and well let's say when I mention this goes one of 2 ways I get treated like I am about to join the convent and they end it or its a dinner bell being rung for a shark looking for blood. I am tired of this whole thing. Most of the time it I can handle it. But, lately its been a little to much ! I have prayed on this many times. There have been moments where I find myself tempting fate testing the waters. Trying to figure out would I feel better if I have slept with someone. I have purposefully looked for a friends with benfits situation. But, as irony would have it it has not happened. Most of the men I talked to about this that find me attractive said they couldn't with me because of me being a virgin. One point blank said I am not worthy of that gift. I am confused and tired !!! Before they knew in was a virgin they wanted to be with me . Once I tell them they freak. In summation I do believe that being a virgin feels like your an outsider always looking in. Long rant I know but, I can't be the only one who feels like they trying to wait but, the one hasn't come along !