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  1. Heyyyy Ali how r u doing ?!
    miss u
    Chetori ?!

  2. I was looking for a topic to see replays and maybe post something it was started by LK i searched around and topic was not existed searched some more and it is look like she had her account deleted. Topic was not against rules so i assume she asked for her account delete and when admin deleted that , also delete all topics she had started which is very bad as those topics where not HERS but for community. It is just my idea and i don't really know what happened in past 4 month i was not around but when someone account get deleted they topics and posts maybe should be left untouched.
  3. Random Thoughts

    Yup but on mobile it really improved , before this anytime i logged with my mobile i selected to see desktop version but now i can stick to mobile but on desktop i prefer the way it used to be BUT When i select emotions page will freeze o.O
  4. Random Thoughts

    Well reading things a bout cats remind me of my first and only catfriend , she left house and didn't comeback ever again , left me with her stupid kittens(they have they own kittens now ) her kittens left too , but they comeback sometimes I don't know if its wrong or right , i barely saw any dead cat and ones i saw were beaten , killed by cars or humans Some people say when cats are dying they try to find peaceful place to die Maybe she left because she was going to die ,but i rather believe she left because she wanted to leave her territory for her kittens...
  5. Hi I am worst person to give you any advice but i want to share few things First of all rape is not sex and i think raped person is virgin i will gladly date someone who as been raped and don't give damn a bout it , what a wise person do if they wife get raped ? Dump her ? Because is it her fault ? But there is big "but" here I do care what she did after she get raped , look i am Iranian in this damn country raper will be executed if he find guilty ( which is pretty hard to prove ) at other hand in many communities it is bad and dishonored for someone to be raped(how stupid) so a raped girl may shut her month a bout it and do not try to punish raper because she cant handle being dishonored with all this if i find out my girlfriend or wife get raped and she did not do anything a bout it i may reconsider continue my relationship with her Why i said all this non sense ? Your problem must not be if raped person is virgin or not it must be what did she do ? Why she did raped several times ? Is she lie a bout it ? Maybe she just had sex and telling me she is raped ? When she get raped at first why she didn't informed others a bout it and try to punish him ? Why she didn't prevent it to be raped second time ? Third time ? Several times? If i were in your shoes this thing was my problem if she get raped , tried to prevent it and she couldn't i don't care at all even i do admire her strength and power as woman who live in Iran (this situation is a lot easier for your girlfriend) By the way keep this in mind , it is hard to find your puzzle piece , try to solve this problem , if she is "raped" it is all fine , maybe one day your wife will get raped dose that mean you are sharing her with raper ? So let this stupid staff behind and keep in mind you must consider this earlier not in middle of relationship so you may really hurt her if you dump her because of this
  6. Porn : need some help to figth against it ?

    Porn is not that simple , people who are doing it are not some normal dudes try to capture they sexual activity. It is they job and they are professionals , actors, directors, camera guy , audio guy , special visual and sound effect guy And porn is not real , it is like watch something you cant have How much is a normal size of "the organ on the body of a man that is used for urinating and sex" ? And how much is it in porn? How long it take for someone to reach orgasm and how long is it in porn ? I believe watching porn make it a lot less enjoyable to have sex , because people will compare them self to what they saw and simply they can not have it "normally" That make no sense , that is why we call it addiction Addiction mean you cant end it when you please By the way topic is not a bout porn is bad or good, it is a bout helping people to do not watch it again so i think it is maybe better to start new topic a bout porn is good or is bad sorry for my poor English
  7. Chat Problems =(

    you may think that i am trolling but suddenly it got fixed UPDATE : its gone again , after i log out and log in so problem is still exist its worth saying any time i log in i will face this We encountered a problem processing your login request. Please try again.
  8. Chat Problems =(

    well there are heavy dust on this topic but i have a STRANGE problem with chat bar at the moment it is gone , i don't mean i deactivated it by click on it , its gone not minimize few days ago i had same problem but it get fixed when a friend send a massage by chat bar but today some people were not able to see my name there more strange thing is when a friend sent me a massage from chat bar ( who were able to see my name ) i received massage as a privet chat i didn't mess around with any thing , i use chrome but cheeked other browsers i even reset chrome once so i think problem is not from my side i had some other problems but non are really serious like i were not able to see people profile but it got fixed after some time and some other creepy things will be happy if someone now whats going on
  9. My Story :)

    i always thought that i am only Iranian around reading this forum for few month but never got a chance to post anything as i am busy with konkur(کنکور) hopefully if you left Iran in your early childhood you don't know what is it. really happy to see this small community is growing. if you ever comeback here you may change your mind . @CrystalFaerie its spam to say it here and i really don't want any answer but i had this question since i saw your photo did you played in lord of the rings ? PS : don't forget me in your prays so i may officially join site in next 8-9 month