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  1. college

    Hello i am a college freshman and have only been here for a couple of weeks and i already have a sense of like pressure to have sex while dating or in a relationship . I am a christian and i am sticking with my choice in waiting till marriage for sex . I am going to a non chrstian univeristy and it seems like nobody is on the same path that i am on . It is "normal" and part of the college experience to have casua sex and to have sex with your boyfriend . I am scared to be in a relationship because of that pressure. Where can i meet guys who also share the same beliefs ? I dont want to be terrified of dating and of being in a relationship because many people find in normal for there to be sex involved in a relationship . But i believe that theres a way to be in a relationship with out sex . Where can i meet guys with the same beliefs ?
  2. Flawless by mercy me . I like it because its true even though we dont desrve it Jesus makes us flawless through his sacrfice and love and mercy . When we belive and accept him as our lord and savior
  3. Who else is in California?

    Hi ! Im in california i am from so cal LA , but now i am in North Cal in San Jose