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  1. Gamer Guys, Hot or Not??

    I think it's cool. It''s super fun and I personally love gaming, so it would be something we have in common. But I wouldn't like it if all he did was stay indoors and play video games day and night. So as long as the video games didn't take over his life i would think its pretty attractive, especially if he has a steam account ^.^ PC all the way
  2. Do you prefer a "manly" man or a "sensitive" man?

    I think the blance is key, knowing when to be sensitive and when not to be. I think a man who is able to share his emotions in the moment is confident within himself and therefor masculine. On the contrary, a man who never shares emotions leads me to believe he may be trying to hard to protect a "masculine" image to the person he is with and is displaying insecurities within himself. If you're in a realtinoship both parties need to show vulnerability and sensitivity. I think you can be sensitive and masculine at the same time. Neither of the men show a blance, so I wouldn't be into either of them, but of the two you suggested I would prefer the sensitive guy.
  3. Gods Physicist, I will definitely find my way to the chat rooms! -especially if theres science talk! And that's a good plan haha, I ended up telling my closest friends at a big girls night, those can be traps for dishing all of your secrets haha. Thanks for being so welcoming everyone!
  4. I personally haven't experienced love at first sight, I think there can be infatuation at first sight, but not love. I think love is when you appreciate the other person for all they are; their personality, their flaws, their values, in addition to their appearance. Maybe if you had been talking to someone for a long time, then met up with them after a while, you could experience love at first sight but otherwise I think it would just be a dopamine release telling you that you like their appearance. Although, I don't want to discount others experiences, maybe it can be possible, depending on the person and their past. I'm basing my example on my personal experience of the first date with my ex vs when I had fallen in love, at around the four month mark. The two instances felt dirastically different. On the first date I saw potential and was happy to see him at the four month mark it was something I can't even explain.
  5. Hey, my names Katy I'm really glad to have found this site. I think it would be encouraging for me to talk to others who share similar values. Unfortuanaley, I've gotten used to a bit of judgement from close friends and could really use some support on my decision to wait until marriage. My friends are well intentioned and by no means mean, but waiting isn't the norm so it probably seems strange to them, which is why I wanted to turn to an online community for friends in the same boat