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  1. Hi, we have the same birthday. I can't remember if I have mentioned that before. 

  2. Starship Troopers (1997)
  3. Is your pupil not completely circular?

  4. I think it is beautiful when people of different religions work out a way to be together. I know a woman who was raised as both muslim and catholic. She attended catholic school and study in mosque.
  5. What are you reading?

  6. How do you pronounce your username SAMAYE? How did you choose it? I can't decide how to think or read it to myself when I see it. SAM-AY, SAM-EYE, SAMA-YE, SA-MAY, IDK.

  7. Random Thoughts

    I've always wanted to change my name but I can't decide on a name. I can take my would be wife's last name when I get married and then change my first name.
  8. Does anyone know of other forums, sites, or apps for waiters? Are there any ones for dating? I looked and this is the only one I could find and I am glad I did, I just wish waiting was more popular in our time.
  9. The Positive Thread

    Two atoms are walking along. One of them says:“Oh, no, I think I lost an electron.”“Are you sure?”“Yes, I’m positive.”
  10. In Need of Support & Playing Games

    I have similar thoughts about society and deeply resent being teased by others. It would be tough not having support from from your family and friends. I am 29 and I never sought support from anyone for fear of being teased or dismissed. I had other aspects of life to focus on and until recently did I feel like I needed support which led me to this forum. Perhaps the freedom our sex driven society enjoys lets people who are very sexually active be promiscuous and maybe pressures others to also be that way. I was hoping there were more people who wait until marriage but it doesn't seem to be the zeitgeist at the moment. Though waiting until marriage might be making a comeback and until then I let people assume what they will about my sex life or lack there of, it doesn't really come up and they assume I am like everyone else. I am getting older so I have some pride in waiting but also fear of loneliness.
  11. It wouldn't be ideal, but would I doom myself to be forever alone?
  12. Higher education...

    Not all people have the ability to go through college but if they are working towards achieving an important goal like raising a family, rising in rank or job status, or progressing as an artist or activist, then that is also as worthwhile and valid. An education offers more stability and opportunities and could be more helpful to achieve different endeavors.
  13. Why don't guys ask women out in church?

    I think sometimes that it might be that since church is small community there is much closer competition amongst males. I also think that the whole church would know right away of the new courting which kind of bothers me because I am more of a private person. It also might be that we can't find a girl there that we want at church, but it is an ideal place to start.
  14. What offends you?

    There is no specific wording and often it is just kidding around and making fun which is okay with me. I am not comfortable with being spoken to in a condescending or belittling manner especially by an uneducated person.