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    God, cooking, painting, traveling, festivals, amusement parks, get togethers, live jazz, sports.

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  1. Greetings From Texas

    Thank you to everyone for the welcomes😊!
  2. Greetings From Texas

    Thank you Chak, I appreciate that :-).
  3. Greetings From Texas

    Thanks ArtsyGal. Are you an artist? I enjoy drawing and painting myself. I'm actually an art teacher.
  4. Greetings From Texas

    Good morning everyone, I am a new member from Texas, so you could say I'm a southern belle. Sometimes when you've made the decision to wait until marriage it can feel like you're the only one out there in this struggle. I'm glad to have found a whole community of people that can relate to the lifestyle I live. I'm hoping to connect and make friends.