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    I want to live like Him.

    Filipina. Catholic. Family. Visual & performing arts. Baking. Books. Bands. Concerts. Indie folk. CCM. Nursing/PreMed student.

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  1. I just realized I've had this account for over 2 years now... I'm shook. LOL. Well, hope all is well.

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    2. Dancing Gamer

      Dancing Gamer

      Btw, I do not go on here everyday

    3. Aparajita


      lol I was replying to Rena cause I am friends with her on snapchat but hey I am sorry to hear about your wisdom tooth! I hope you feel better soon 

    4. Dancing Gamer

      Dancing Gamer

      I actually feel better it lasted a few days but I am on antibiotics and pain meds. so far I was able to stop the pain meds and the swelling went down. My tooth feels better. I was told until it completely grows in fully I will be dealing with this pain on and off.