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  1. JC...Jesus Christ and JM...Joyce Meyer ALSO, speakers such as anointedfire and iambecuzofu...these women of God have been through IT, knows where its at and LOVE God's people. Wonderful posts...this means, I SHALL be checking out these new preachers tonight lol...Just found a date night lol
  2. Good Girls Exist

    Hey Peter135, Welcomeeeeeeee!! Shout out to Ireland from Kingston Jamaica I know you will greatly benefit from the discussions etc explored here.
  3. Good Girls Exist

    Thank youuuuuu...it's pretty thrilling. I'm learning alot of things and meeting some really coooooooool persons.
  4. Good Girls Exist

    ArtsyGal, girl, you can saaaay that again lol. Thank you! Perfeccccccttttt timing. The fellowship has been good thus far, thank you. God bless!
  5. My My My...tonight I shall be speaking to Jesus!!! Lol,..Thank you for those sound words...it's like a breath of freshhhhhh air. Seriously speaking, I shall be speaking to the Lord MYSELF about any and everything, and of course, I will be listening for his voice. I am elated and humbled that you took the time out to answer and even correct me on critical areas whereas this touchy topic is concerned. Your purpose of writing is clear. Blessings!
  6. Is there anyone else having this problem? Please, I need some help. Thanks.
  7. Ladies, your thoughts on guys crying.

    Well, I have never witnessed a guy crying...apart from babies lol...but, I must also say that I have HEARD about stories wherein men would "cry" while pursuing females for sex...yes, crying, bending knees, "I will not hurt you. Just give me a chance..etc.." the girl gets weak and vulnerable. The guys goes all in, has sex with her once-and then, he's out. These stories are from females, so it is biased, I want to believe. Moving away from the negatives, I would be honored if his heart belongs to God, he's a genuine person and trusts me enough to show me his emotional side. In my culture, (I'm a Jamaican) it's ALOT of pressure being a man. Men are expected to have alot of girls to be cool, smoke, drink and drive expensive cars..even some girls will not date a man who does not own a car or wear tattoos etc...so, the pressure is on, which leads some men to do ANYTHING at will just to get a girl to prove to friends that "i'm the G!" As long as he has a golden heart, I'd be there to comfort him, make him smile and nurture that emotional side of his.
  8. Hello...

    Welcome sweetheart! Enjoy your stay! I just joined last night as well
  9. Oooook, first, let me say this, I know I am one special girl Maybe too analytical sometimes and even doubtful to some extent. Therefore, this is why when I should enter relationships or a dating experience, this lady literally goes on her knees and praaaaaaay. I'm like that. My time and energy are very important to me. So, lets go. Guy number one was a Christian when working...christian radio broadcasting company here in Jamaica. We met by asking him about vacancies because I was out of high school. We started "friendly" talking...until he began telling me that he's inlove with me and that I am special. He's off work at 5 am, and by 5:30 (he lives close by work), he's asking about sex. Yes, sex, oral sex, vaginal sex, touching etc...and if I do not make up my mind, someone else will take him away! Did I mention that I prayed BEFORE and DURING this? When this dude told me HE dreamed that the LORD said I am HIS WIFE.....you better believed I raaaaaaan, blocked his number, wiped off his messages etc. Oh, and before he dreamt, there were some days when I wouldnt hear from him (3-4 days), then he hits me up like we're merry. Hmmmmm.... Fast forward, 2012, I met the sweetest, funniest guy ever. He wasn't a Christian, and after that episode with guy # 1, I began to pull away from the church, beliefs and christian men altogether. I really liked this guy...was falling in love with him. When he began portraying characteristics of guy number 1, I prayed again. Things got so bad, I broke it off. About few months later, we decided to give it a try again...btw, he never pressured me for sex initially. TWO weeks into him again, I had to break it off...there was this energy he was giving off which was very unhealthy...I soon discovered why (that's for another post). Short story, his dad died in high school...did I mention that this guy and I were school mates? Yes, we were. Now his dad that died in about 2002 began dreaming ME! Lol..my God, sometimes I wonder. I was TERRIFIED! And to say the least, the dad wanted ME to be with his son. Ok, 2014, this Christian, fire baptized lady prayed for me. Immediately after praying, she said..." (his name) is for you. It's what God wants. Don't ask why. It's just his will. Didn't you pray and tell God to give you a word?" I cried...literally and said "Noooooooo" clearly. She calmed me down. Later, I realized this guy was possessed by sex demons. ok, to lighten things up...2015, I prayed. Lord, enough is enough. No more! Lo and behold, a guy hit me up on a social network. After talking there, we met up. He said he was a Christian...believes in Jesus, baptized, but not that close to the Lord as he was in earlier times. We kicked it off beautifulllllly. The last stage of our dating experience magically transformed into what I am afraid of, and he confesses that he is dealing with the same fears too. He begins to act shady, "hi pretty girl" today, a day later, he says hi again...I am now praying and for sure, I want to stay away from this guy. What...is...happening...to...my...life? sorry for the length! going through it!
  10. Good Girls Exist

    @waitingforcarats, Girllllllll, can I tell you?? Grrrr lol...it's crazy out there. Ohhh...you didn't even know how you helped me lastnight. I was reading an article about a 29 yr old who is still waiting but losing hope; you gave her some "whoop ass" advice lol. TERRIFIC! I watched the video and guess what??, I', heading there right now to finish the others! At a time in my life where I began to feel like a tiny dot between boulders, I found this site...whether it's fate, God, Universal Laws, Quantum Science...inner purpose etc, I am HAPPY that I did! It is beautiful!
  11. Good Girls Exist

    Awwww....thanks guys! I feel so woooooved lol
  12. I'm MARRIED!! 6-13-15. Our story :)

    Another inspiring story. Congratuations! Yeeeessss, you are married! Glow in it and may the Lord be with you and yours...blessings <3
  13. Good Girls Exist

    Hello, I am fairly new to this blog/website. I wont say which video influenced me to come here I notice in my environment, (i'm from Jamaica) that most men desire "bad girls" and by that I mean the entire load: drinking, smoking, player type, multiple sexual partners, short dresses etc... I am really turned off by it and feel pretty bad because most girls go for it in order to get the guy. I am a Christian...though I would say I am trying to be every day lol...oh wow, it's harrrrddddd BUT, it can be done. The guys I have met, and I mean that I PRAY before entering relationships, have been the worst yet. No joke; I am serious. It's either we are dating and 2 weeks later, I am "a friend" or I feel unappreciated, inquire about what is going on, get no response for about a week, and then of course, I end it before that week finalizes...The point I am making is, being the good girl who loves the Lord, does well in school, prays etc, I believe is despised by the devil himself. Once a girl has bitten into these modern "Fruits", it's all good with them, or so it seems. The few of us who do not settle or wish to remain pure and chaste are being fought left, right and centre...every angle. The reason for this, I believe, is if we should reach to the hearts of those guys who are under these tricks and illusion that love, beauty and fun constitute such, then we will begin to replenish what the family have lost from the Garden of Eden...pretty much to our current generation so that the future will be even a little better and God would be pleased. There's truly nothing like family to me. Break the family...the society, world is lost. I say get rid of the inner demons now. Do not get too friendly.