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  1. It is not loneliness thats perventing you from finding a girlfriend. You have to be able to get out there and talk to people. Everyone can seem like they're out their people and somtimes they are, but you can never really judge a book by its cover. Even if their views are different you can still be friends. As far as reliving boredom its always good to get into physical activities, T.V. series, a hobby, ext.
  2. What is your escape?

    My escape is having time to myself.
  3. Physically the worst pain I've ever felt was getting my fingers smashed by the hood of a Mustang GT. I have no clue how none of my fingers broke.
  4. Clam Bake. (1964) Staring Elvis Presley on TCM. Great movie. Clean humor. Story with a moral lesson. Elvis. I give it a 5 out of 5.
  5. Dont get a new car or new clothes because well off guys tell you to. It's good to be yourself. Alot of the new age wealthy people I know have bad tastes. I drive a LUXURY Midnight Blue 1994 Lincoln Town Car with 120,000 miles, dress, and look like a Mens Magazine model and I'm still considered unapealing. Why? Because I dont wear Hollister t-shirts or wear 500 dollar Nikes or drive the brand new top of the line Dodge Charger. Not to mention alot of the time looking wealthy can attract alot of bad attention. You dont want a partner who simply makes judgments based on whats on the outside. As far as finding someone who is well off, simply act on what you think and know is right because if you or any of us were to follow the crowds we would not be us. Who ever told you that has some major self insecurities.
  6. The 1950's may not exist anymore in their world but it can still exist in our world. Elvis, live on forever.
  7. Pet Peeves

    Ignorance, dishonesty, and lust.
  8. Random Thoughts

    I could really use a lawn chair and a Miami beach.
  9. Romeo and Juilliet is one of my favourites because of the irony.
  10. What qualities are you looking for?

    I like communication, honesty, and intellegence.
  11. Vincent DS

  12. What I find best to take the edge off the emotional stress of being alone is... 1) Exercising. 2) Reading. 3) This site. 4) Working for 6 days at a time. 5) Trying to keep a positive outlook on the situation at hand.
  13. No, STDs, just no.
  14. Sexual Confidence

    As far as the public scrutiny goes. If every one was to follow the general poulations ideals then we would be everthing our morals taught us not to be. I find it best to let people know about my views when the time comes. When people question my ways in a rude unethical matter, I answer in a rude unethical matter. Dont let them make you question yourself. Make the people question themselves. As far as coping. I smoke cigarettes. Not a healthy soulution but feeling nothing is better then that worrying pain in my chest I've had every single day for two years. Coping in a healthy manner, I dont know how to. When it comes to performance aneixity, I dont know. I never thought I would have any problems. Its best to know this... If a couple truely loves each other they will be together no matter what.
  15. Appearance!

    I have to admit, where I come from appearance, attitude, and shiny objects means everything. Here's how I know why... About a year ago my confidence in life hit a rock bottom. I was very depressed, I would never go out, I didn't have a car, I didn't have the best cell phone, and I was out of shape. When I would try to talk to people they would look down on me and treat me like dirt because I didn't look or act to par. Today I am very toned physically, I go to the tanners, I dress like I'm a men's magazine model all the time, I have the best smart phone on the market, I drive a Lincoln luxury car, and I have more of a no nonsense mentality. I've associated with the same people with different faces that I dealt with the previous year. The difference is night and day.
  16. I've never been in love so I wouldn’t know.
  17. Hello...

    Thanks for the warm welcome. It means alot.