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  1. I am waiting until marriage because its the right thing to do, plain and simple. I've seen guys use women for sport and it sickens me. Then when the "typical" guy does decide to stay with someone, that someone is usually some nice girl who ends up being corrupted and is treated like a peice of meat by their so called "man". I've had a couple girls who have come to me with emotional problems because they cant even trust their own man to confort them and tell them everything is going to be alright. I mean its pretty bad when I know more about guy's girlfriends than they do. Not to mention many failed relationships takes a toll on peoples mental health. I've seen decent fun loving church girls evolve into single mother prostitutes with drug problems and happy go lucky gentlemen evolve into cruel merciless cold hearted shells because they get to a point where they've been around so many bad attitudes that it corrupts their mentality. The point is sex with multiple partners makes for bad relationships and bad mental health. The "test drive theroy" to me, is just a excuse used by players to get what they want and nothing more. Another thing too, any one who refers to a girl or guy as any inanement object is a scumb bag. Erasercrumbs defined the "test drive" theroy perfectly. People are much more complex. If we as a people was to do what ever feels good at the time being and only that. We would be nothing more than feral cave dwellers. But people are not like that. Any great act in history was commited to better other's lives. As far as STDs go, yeah they're cureable. Syphilis, herpies, ghonerrea, all cureable, as long as you take your pills every five hours on the dot for the rest of your life. Have you actually seen what these STDs do to people. Look it up on google images. I would rather be mustard gassed in WW1 than to catch that stuff. Although you should not base your relationship belifs just on not catching STDs. These are my thoughts and explanations of my thoughts.
  2. Thats a tough one. I haven’t had any good relationships where I actually shared personal info with someone. I would share my intentions when the moment arrives, where she comes on to me, to see how she reacts. This is not from experience so I cant really say this is the right thing go do or not.
  3. Eating Healthy and Exercising!

    Everyone is different. Its best to exercise how you want too. I found, for me, changing my diet is out of the question. I like food to much. Last year I was quite over weight. I was about 235lbs and could barely get up to the top of my stairs. When I started working at a hardware store I did alot of walking and ate very unhealthy food such as noodle cups and bacon jerky. After a month I had actually found that I lost weight. (20lbs) Then someone I thought was "the one" came into the picture. I was motivated to take up weight lifting and a weights class. When I started out quite excessively (for my body at the time). I did 25 curls (15lbs), 25 butterflys (15lbs), and planked for five minutes. I started feeling alot better and more confident. I gradually over time keprt adding reps, weights and other workouts. By time the school year ended, I was doing 50 curls (25lbs), 50 butterflys (25lbs), 50 sit ups, planking for 15 minutes at a time, maxing 200 on bench press, and 50 push ups in 30 mins every day accept for Sat on top of work. I also found my favorite band Rammestein. Today, about a half year later I am doing 100 curls (40lbs), 100 butterflys (40lbs), 100 birds (40lbs), 100 sit ups, 100 crunchs, 100 situps, and 200 inclined pushups in a 30 to 45 minut time period on top of work every day accept Wed and Sat while listening to my favorite band which helped alot to increase work load. Through all that I had the diet of Burger King for lunch for a year, microwave lunches for a half year, and what ever I wanted for dinner for the year and a half which is usually pretty unhealthy. I am now toned and on the verge of becoming ripped. In conclusion I found motivation, I built a plan, then I ran with it. Now again what works for me may not work for you. We are all different. Oh yeah, then I found out that "the one" was only interested in a physical relationship and wanted me along with her boyfriend in secretcy. Of course I stopped Acknowleging her exsistance. Then I joined this site. I may of lost one form of motivation but finding this site and finding that there's still decent people out there has givin me a new form of motivation. So thanks.
  4. What is your dream guy?

    Just curious. Edit: Sorry meant girl.
  5. Welcome, you found the right site. Everyone I've met, has been really cool. I hope you meet many new friends.
  6. Scociety has gone blind to true beauty. True beauty is knowing that spouses are willing to love their significant other not because of looks but because they can care about them in a way no one else can. Knowing... When they're across the line, their spouse will walk the line. When they're cold their spouse will be their warmth. When they're broken, their spouse is there to put the peices back together. My future wife will know that I'll never go blind. I will always love her no matter what. Our happiness would be all the beauty I would ever need. So because of this, I've never really thought about this topic in great depth. Although, if getting the cosmetic surgery is what makes her happy, I guess I would be happy to. If she is willing to go drasticly out of her way to make me happy, how could I be mad or sad for that matter. I'd probally do the same for her. I would however try to talk her out of it if there was health risks involved. But hopefuly we will never need to resort to that. P.S.- Sorry if I'm coming off to lovey dovey or unrealistic, but this is the truth.
  7. It's best to keep talking to her if your unsure about her. (Its best to look before you jump.) Try to learn more about her on a personal level. If you make enough connections ask her out.
  8. About The Body

    I agree with Peter. It doesn't matter to me as long as neither is extreme. I tend to care more about emotional connections.
  9. Last Meal?

    If you were on death row, what would be your last meal? I would have some Tyson Buffalo tenders drenched in Tabasco sauce and crushed red peppers with a ice cold glass of Coca Cola. I hate 2:30AM munchies.
  10. I've peronally came really close to having this happen to me. This girl wanted to be more than frineds with me, but I could never tell when she did or didnt have a boyfriend. That is until the boyfriend came into work three days after. I kept my mouth shut about it until she asked about it again, I reacted by asking her how her boyfriend would feel about it. She responded by saing that it could be her's and I's little seceret. I stopped talking to her all together after that. I've had a few people think that it was rude of me to ignore her. How would you react if somthing like this happened to you?
  11. I've had this happen to me before. She was all and willing to have a physical relationship with me but would not actually date me because I was not her type. Her type was a country boy who drove a pick up, had tatoos, and had been to jail. I'm more of a cleaned up city boy who drives a Lincoln, dresses like its the fifties, has no tatoos, and avoids jail. Quite funny though. The irony of the situation is that I live in the country and have done farm work since I was able to walk. Has this happened to you before, or is it just me?
  12. Hey Yall!

    Welcome. Enjoy your stay.
  13. Favorite Date

    Dont know. Never been on a date. Although I do have some really cute tricks up my sleeve for when I do decide to date some one.
  14. I've always wanted to become a decorated Navy officer.
  15. The blasted economy

    If you want to get a idea of how bad America's economy is go on youtube and type in visualization of America's debt.
  16. My personal favourite is the story of Romeo and Juliet. What's yours? Edit: I also like Great Gatsby.
  17. Greetings From Texas

  18. What's your next car?

    The newest Lincoln Navigator with blacked out windows, black heat resistant paint, LED head lights, 3 under coats, black leather seats, kevlar lined doors, bullet proof tires, and a V12 engine. Why? Because yes.
  19. Hey There, (Hopefully) Future Friends :)

    We are all happy you joined the site. We've all felt your pain at one time or another about societies fractured views on relationship. Nothing you stated was out of place or offensive. I hope you make many friends. May nothing but greatness come your way.
  20. It wouldnt hurt for each of us to tell one of our real life WTM friends to join the site. That would double the count. Just a suggestion.
  21. Longboard blues

    I'm sorry, thats terrible. She should of talked to you first.
  22. My Belated Hello

  23. Hello...

    Hello, my name is K.G. but you guys can call me K. I've been keeping a close eye on this site for a while now. It's good to know that I'm not alone. Last night I decided to join, since I finally have my own phone number and newly aquired freedoms. Feel free to ask me questions if your curious about my current standing on marriage or about other things for that matter.
  24. Good article. Would never thought to see somthing like that on a main stream modern site like Glamour. Cool. Nice to see for a change.