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  1. We all find someone. You will too. Never give up. Your not alone. Never stop searching until all doors have been open.
  2. Hello World (:

    Welcome. I hope you make many new friends.
  3. Could You....

    My OCD varies. When it comes to my room, car, phone, firearms, video games, vaccation plans, or any plans the OCD is pretty bad. Although I cope well. I dont have any problems dating someone who has OCD, as long as it doesn't affect me in a negitive way.
  4. The topic of waiting until marrige in America, (from what I've observed through my own experiences, media, and statistics), is not a very popular life choice to the masses. Do you belive the majority of people around the world have the same views as the American people? Facts and statistic tables are welcome to support your statement.
  5. What would life be like if love was non existant?
  6. Theres nothing wrong with becoming friends and learning more about her. If he's dating someone else he shouldn't care.
  7. What offends you?

    I agree with Joseph.
  8. I'm back. :)

    Well just thought I would let you guys and gals know that I am back. I've been working an insane amount of hours and have had numerous issues I needed to sort out. To make a long story short I'm feeling much and I'm back. Sorry about leaving so unexpectedly and for such a long time without warning.
  9. Hi

  10. Intimate disclosure...and tattle

    How much are you comfortable with your parter disclosing to others in regard to your marital sex life or intimate body parts? Do you think you would feel a desire to brag about your partner's sexual prowess or features to confidants? Share tales amongs married friends/relatives? Would you be okay with your partner doing the above even if they only sharing positive aspects? I would be comfortable with my partner disclosing things in regard to sex life or intimate body parts. I would never brag about my partners prowess or features without her permission. I dont know how I would feel if my spouse was bragging about me or wanted me to brag about her. I'm also unsure about the sharing of positive aspects. I think I would be mainly opposed just because what we have, other people would not need to know about.
  11. v card major deal breaker

    I'm sorry you've been questioned and treated badly because of your beliefs. Its hard to cope withe everyone telling you that what you beliefs are wrong and dated. I've had the same problem. Your not the only one who feels like the one has not come along, just about everyone on this site has felt what your feeling in some way, shape, or form. I'm sure all of us have thought about abandoning our belifes too. Keep searching. Out of the how ever many billions of the people in the world there has to be someone for all of us. We just need to never stop beliving. We will all find the one, we will all have happy lifetime marriages, and you will too.
  12. Wow, very well stated Invincible.
  13. 1)Look I know a lot of us are trying to put a lot of importance on waiting but are also destroying our own chances of finding someone and being happy by thinking this way? 2)If we loved someone but because we place such an importance on waiting, isn't it possible we may miss out on someone who would make us happy even if she didn't wait? 3)Why are we defining ourselves by this? 4)For those of you who are atheists... you get one shot at everything right? I that your concerns are very prominant and well thought out. I dont belive I'm destroying my chances of finding someone to be happy with by thinking this way. I belive I am increaseing my chances of finding someone to be happy with. Simply because I dont hold my belifs against others. I dont care weather a girl waited or not. However I do belive there should be some kind of good or special reasoning behind the man or men she did sleep with. I can understand if the girl truely belived that the guy or guys were good and thought she truely loved them or if their spouse was killed in the military. But where I come from the ressons why most women sleep with men are materialistic and sedimental. For example I've met girls sleep with guys because they're hot. I've met girls sleep with guys just because they heard from someone else that their sex was good. I've met girls who sleep with guys for drugs, alchohol, parties, and or money. I've met girls whove slept with guys for revenge. I've even met girls who sleep with guys just because they feel like it. I dont define myself as a waiter just because I dont like non virgins. I just want to find that one good girl. I define myself as a waiter because I belive in the value of chasity.