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  1. how do you plan on finding your spouse?

    For what reasons do you travel? I was thinking similar myself. What countries do you want to go to?
  2. how do you plan on finding your spouse?

    I'm a Muslim. What are you?
  3. Ever wonder how you will find him. Most are just expecting it to happen. From a western point of view, there is dating, texting, etc. Even sleeping with each other before marriage is acceptable now a days in a western world. It's even to the point people think alternatives are ok, like dry humping, kissing, touching, oral, etc. As long as you don't insert. In my culture/religion(way of life), the male meets the father first and asks for his daughters hand in marriage. This is the way it is supposed to be done within our religion. We marry for religious purpose. The non pious is for the non pious and pious is for the pious. The first thing we do is ask around, we will ask our religious leader to look out, and even ask parents we see at our place of worship. So first you get to know her and her family. Then her friends. Then her neighbors. This is all to validate the type of person she is, and gauge whether it can be a good marriage, but God knows best. Any dates before marriage are with a third party, such as a brother or sister. All this is to ensure a pure and lawful marriage with no sin of fornication. It seems like a lot to go through, but I think this method is necessary and can be applied to people that are just waiting, and aren't religious. Because we are talking about marriage,with a partner for life, you should know what you are getting into and know the people you are going to be attached to. Divorce rates are also at its highest, they say the reason for most divorces is financial. Some females are scared of struggle, I'm not saying struggle your whole, but loyalty is dying. I have yet to get married but this route has definitely got me thinking. So I want see comments on this method of finding a spouse.
  4. My elders have told me to get married young. I tell them I'm not ready, i don't think I can provide enough for a family. They say just do your best, but Allah will provide. Apparently I put too many restrictions on myself and such. So what do you guys think about getting married before you get that degree or job?
  5. religion... Why?

    I really like your answer. With God being our creator, he is telling us the best way to live on earth, so that we may reach heaven in the after life, but also the best way to live on earth so that we won't suffer the consequences of corruption on earth, which includes disease, famine, drought, plagues, and of the likes, which we see today. I will provide a clear example. I create a product that is I tended to better your life. That product comes with an instruction manual. The only way to use the product correctly is with the instruction manual. If you try to use the product without the instruction manual, the end result turns out wrong, distorted, and possibly harmful to the user. Now this links to an example we can all relate to on here. God said not to have marriage before sex. To my understanding this was to prevent immorality, and also disease. The average female in the United states loses her virginity by 16. United states population is some where around 350000000. Of that population 110000000 reportedly have an sexually transmitted infection. And that's just in terms of sex. What about his other laws, what happens when we break his other laws o a massive scale?!
  6. islam

    Salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu
  7. religion... Why?

    I want to hear opinion, thoughts, and reason for having a religion, why do humans need a religion, and would so ity be better if religion encompassed all levels of society (from personal to family to community to state and government(crime and punishment)?
  8. islam

    Are there any Muslims here on this site?