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  1. I love listening to music, spending time with my family/friends/puppy, snuggles, playing in the rain, hugging trees (not even joking), looking at/smelling flowers, watching shows, vacations, eating/baking, going on long walks (best when surrounded by trees), praying/talking to God, work (crazy I know but I love my current job), dance, pole fitness, aerial yoga, singing, shopping for groceries, long showers, talking to random people, Prison Ministry, reading, gaming, trying to learn to play instruments, and so many more things but I can't think of them atm.
  2. hey, where have u been leya

  3. Random Thoughts

    GO CUBS GO! OMG! Super intense game!
  4. Childhood pets/current pets

    I've had many pets growing up, but right now I have a puppy named Atreyu. All the pets in had up until him were family pets, but he was my first dog to get that is mine. He is super over protective of me, but loveable so it's okay xD
  5. Random Thoughts

    My Cubs are going to the WORLD SERIES!!! GO CUBS GO!!!
  6. Random Thoughts

    I wouldn't exactly mind moving, but since I've never cut my hair before, cutting bangs is not gonna happen lol. I could add some clip on bangs! I'm so excited!
  7. Random Thoughts

    Omg Red, that's really exciting! I wanna be an extra TOO! Maybe I can just show up xD
  8. Random Thoughts

    I made breakfast today for my brother and myself! When it comes to breakfast, I suck at making eggs so I just make pancakes. Lately, I've been making chocolate chip pancakes and taking a few ideas from IHOP with the topping. I don't usually take pics of my food but it made me happy
  9. Hi LMNolan, just wanted to encourage you to continue with your prison ministry. I think that's awesome that you do that work, and we need kind-hearted people who can work in prisons to help the people there. Keep up the awesome work!

    1. LMNolan


      Thank you =) I plan on continuing with the prison ministry and will even be an outside team leader for the next walk in March! It's my career that I was unsure of what to do. Thank you for the encouragement! 

    2. greengrapes


      You're very welcome! That sounds great that you'll be leading in the spring time. What does an outside team leader do? With your career...don't worry. It will come to you. I'm in social work, so if you want to pick my brain about that career/field of work, please feel free to do so. :-)

    3. Jeremy


      You're a leader of a prison ministry?! Pretty gutsy. Most Christians that I have met don't witness, even with a captive audience.

  10. MUSIC!

    I have been to many concerts in my day, and Avenged Sevenfold is one of the top, but twenty one pilots puts on the most AMAZING show! EVER!!! If you haven't seen it yet, you should!. I know this is a long video, but wow. Everyone should experience this in some way, even if you can't make it to the show!
  11. I have had multiple exs who fit all of those qualities, so I know they are out there. I find it funny how you and I are into similar things, but he is so out there! I promise! Just be patient. Which sucks to hear and is hard to do I know. I'm in the same boat atm, but have faith. Haha that would be cute if your guy was on a different site saying he doesn't think it's possible to find his soul mate and describe you lol. He's probably as anxious to meet you as you are to meet him. But yes, guys like that DO exist!
  12. Random Thoughts

    Zomg yes!!! But I love all of twenty one pilot's songs! They are pretty amazing and the things they are doing...Wow. They are being used to change the world and only a few people know it!
  13. Random Thoughts

    Omg I know exactly what that smells like! My family thought I was crazy for smelling it! But they also make fun of me for saying taking food outside makes food taste like outside. But wow I Feel much better knowing you know what I know!
  14. I have dated waiters and non-waiters. All of them were willing to wait. It was much easier for the waiters, but even the guy I dated who was a non waiter understood my morals and how important it was to me. He respected it and even liked the fact that I was waiting. It might have been frustrating at times, but there are definitely guys out there who would be willing to wait. They might be kinda hard to come by, but they ARE out there!
  15. Your prayers are wanted!

    Howdy! I wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been praying for the Kairos team and the participants. You will be added to the chain and show the inmates that they are not forgotten. Thank you for your involvement! God bless you everyone! With love through Christ, Lauren Nolan