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  1. Hello from Italy!

    Thanks! @JessSea yes Jessica is a pretty cool name I think. ;P And Kelli, I live in Rome!
  2. Going to Rome...

    Hey that's where I live! What area were you staying in? Yes the street vendors around the center/tourist areas are ridiculously present, but there have been recent changes in hopes of pushing them out so people can actually enjoy the sights without being pressured into buying yet another selfie stick haha.
  3. Hello from Italy!

    Thank you!
  4. Gamer Guys, Hot or Not??

    I'd say yes, but with limitations. I love video games myself, but also love reading and writing and have other interests beyond that. If a guy is obsessed to the point that he literally does nothing but eat, sleep and game, it's a bi of a turn off because conversation topics are always so limited. But a guy who knows the latest titles and what's new in gaming and likes to talk about them and try out different things in his free time would definitely get a thumbs up from me!
  5. Am I virgin or not?

    I would say you're technically still a virgin, but the opinion of others shouldn't even matter that much to you. There are plenty of people who actually have lost their virginity and had multiple sexual partners who decide to wait until marriage, and that is a decision that is still admirable and respectable, and the right person will think so too.
  6. Hello from Toronto, Canada!

    Hi Brandon, nice to meet you. I have a friend who lives in Toronto I also joined because apart from my best friend, I'm the only waiter I know and have ever met! haha
  7. Hello from Italy!

    Hi everyone. I found this site a couple months ago and decided it would be cool to sign up and maybe make some new friends who are also waiters. I'm Jessica, 22 and an American living in Italy. Music, writing and books are my three favorite things. Nice to meet you!