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  1. Hello.

    This is posh. I forgot my password then came back online and noticed the site isn't functional anymore and it seems there is a chatroom on discord if I am right. Can you kindly post the link? 


    Wixapp is encouraging,  I appreciate Queen for taking that initiative but I went there and realised people aren't really active on there. Thanks.

    1. Slayerofdragon



      Here’s the link to the Discord server.

      Link: https://discord.gg/WXP296S

  2. Your Dream Guy !!

    Someone who adores Christ and thrives always to do his will. A compassionate and forgiving soul Hardworking, smart and resilient A virgin man who waited for me Someone who always meets me halfway in decision making and who understands the concept of compromise Someone who has a witty sense of humour and also loves and respect the whole idea of family. Doesn't hurt if he is a good cook too;)