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  1. Obliviousness and Missed Signals

    Well I recommend that you learn how to read body language. One of things I notice when reading body language is that you will pick up clues of what the person is saying even though he or she doesn't actually say it. It will take practice but eventually you'll know what to do. To start I recommend reading books about body language and people watch in the mall.
  2. How do I tell her??

    Tell her your waiting for honorable reasons.
  3. Where I come from your type of attitude is called being 'desperate' which is a another way of saying your very very needy. Look, if you keep exhibiting such behaviors your not going to get a girl or any friend in general because being desperate is a huge red flag because its very draining and time consuming when you constantly are trying to get too much attention from people. Many of us have our own lives and if you keep interfering with that you are not going to get the results you want. And please don't deny it because I've experienced people like you before.
  4. I'm sorry to say but you need to teach your daughter about safe sex. As a former Catholic I know its against religion to have sex outside of marriage but its for the health of your daughter. Waiting Until Marriage is a personal choice and you can't force your daughter to not have sex should she wants it because otherwise as Steadfast says she will simply be rebellious and have unprotected sex with her boyfriend which is more dangerous than pre marital sex because unprotected sex might bring unwanted pregnancy and STDs. All you can do is tell her about how having sex and getting married is a huge commitment and responsibility. Plus she needs to be educated about the benefits of safe sex as well. Does your daughter's school have sex ed classes? Let her be in such classes and have her educated about safe sex. Also teach her about the benefits of Waiting Until Marriage and why it can be beneficial in the long run. Let your daughter come up with her own conclusions but whatever you do don't force your daughter to not have sex with her boyfriend if she wants.
  5. Ask an Atheist!

    Well it depends on the person. For me I personally consider pornography wrong because it's not the 'real thing.' For me it's just images and two people acting and bringing it out in the real world brings a lot of issues. (Where I came from, a lot of people (religious and non religious alike) find porn disturbing, in fact during my high school years anyone who admits watching porn were told "Stop watching porn." ) Well personally I believe it's wrong because for me I feel betrayed and whoever did the cheating no longer loved me. However, it depends on the person. There are atheists who believe in cheating and their are atheist who disagree in cheating.
  6. Ask an Atheist!

    As a Spiritual Atheist I believe it's mixed of free will and determinism. While we make our own path via our choices at the same time we can't go against the will of the Universe. I'll give you this: Source:
  7. Ask an Atheist!

    But you don't need a Ferrari. If you need a car you can buy a car that is cheaper. As for basic necessities, without them you will die. When it comes to a Ferrari you can live without it. Besides your Christian right? Well if you are didn't Jesus speak out against Mammon? Getting a Ferrari and equating it to spirituality is an example of worshiping Mammon. (If you are not Christian my apologies)
  8. Ask an Atheist!

    Here's the thing if you can get a Ferrari, then it shows that you are well off which means I'm not gonna help you since you don't need help. If you can buy a Ferrari that means you can buy basic necessities.
  9. I'm going to say this: Don't focus too much on girls. Instead pursue other passions in life. There is more to life than focusing to only a relationships. Right now I believe you need to stop looking for a gf and focus on yourself. I know its hard but try something else like for example like others say ballroom dancing or sports. Its all about going with the flow. Not to be blunt but I feel like girls don't want to go with you because they can tell that you have a low self esteem and girls hate guys with low self esteem since it's a huge turn off.
  10. Ask an Atheist!

    When it comes to Spiritual Atheism, we don't focus on materialism. And when we help people we help them in such a way that they benefit spiritually or if they really need help like volunteering in homeless shelter. A Ferrari does not count because it is an example of materialism and people don't need a Ferrari. Ferrari is only there for style and status.
  11. Singlehood

    Well here are my reasons why I'm single: Like many people, I'm shy. Where I go to college, it's not very easy for many people to find a girl or boy. My college is located near the ghetto and a lot of the girls prefer gangster boyfriends and are very arrogant when you approach them. Two guys I used to know tried to approach them and they would act in a very rude manner. Also, in my college many people are not open to meeting new people would rather stick to their own little circle. There are some decent girls, and although I find cool I am not attractive to them. There was this one girl whom I have would have dated but couldn't because she prefers a devout Christian bf (She's a devout Christian) and I am an atheist. I have to take care of my little sister. Both of my parents are working and they want somebody they can trust to take care of her. However, a lot of times babysitting my sister consumes a lot of my free time and due to this I don't hang out with my friends any more. There are times when I am free but usually around that time my friends aren't available due to work (Though there are cases when both me and some friends are available but they only come once in a while). I want spend my energy learning more about myself. I feel like if I learn more about myself I can be more successful in life.
  12. Ask an Atheist!

    Spiritual Atheism requires that not only we strive to be personally happy and healthy but help the world around them be happy and healthy. (For example helping out your fellow man who really needs help)
  13. college

    Welcome I'm a college student like you too but however, unlike you I don't have the pressure to have sex due to the following reasons: 1. People don't seem to mind. I told two atheist acquaintances of mine that I'm WTM and they don't seem to mind at all. In fact one of them find it as a noble idea even though she is not a virgin. Interestingly she wish she was one at times. 2. Since my college is near the ghetto, a lot of the girls prefer gangster bfs and they tend to be arrogant which is a huge no no for me. There are good girls but I don't really have the "connection". There was one girl I would of consider dating but because I am atheist she won't consider me as potential date because she is a devout Christian and wants a Christian boyfriend.
  14. What kind of doctors do you have? As part of hospital policies, doctors should be polite toward their patients.
  15. Your Thoughts on "Players"...

    My great grandpa was one. One time he cheated on his wife (my great grandmother) but when my grandma tries to do the same thing he forbade her to do it.