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  1. Thanks Innocence and everyone else who replied!
  2. if you are Christian you should be seeking the person that God desires you to have and it wouldn't be someone without Christian values that's wants you to sin.
  3. Wow! Thanks for this! I'm 31a virgin and before this year I was thinking no way would I date a woman with kids... I waiting Because I want to put God first and it use to seem unfair to me to loss the benefit of having only my own kids. After prayer tho I think that way of thinking could be a little selfish especially if you know you could love the child and the person is living for God because you aren't any better than them in Gods eyes. I see both views tho because easing someone else's kid is such a big decision almost like haveing your own. Still haven't made my decision yet but that helps! I think I could be open to it now.
  4. Especially interested if you are a little older like me because everyone is married or has kids! But I meet a couple of good women who are living for the Lord now but have kids.
  5. It's not weird to like men outside your race..... You are super weird and a little confused if you don't like black guys!! You're missing out. There are good looking people in every race and no one is same. Plus dark chocolate is the best!!
  6. Too old to do this?

    Hey I understand your frustration. I'm 31 and waiting and it's hard on the guy side too actually. But I know God is able! My friend a year older just got married and to a virgin! Have you tried different churches? God can bring someone from nowhere we just have to trust and have faith!
  7. It is very tough! However, God has shown me that He has not answered my prayers for a wife or girlfriend yet because it has allowed me to grow so much closer to Him and it is a way to seek Him and show my faithfulness. He has shown me that when I me the one that she will be my Song of Songs and that like Ruth he can provide when it does not seem possible. I'm 31 by the way and have never been in a deep relationship but I feel very close to God and the spirt shows me what scripture to read everyday
  8. I believe it's hard outside church or church groups and even then a lot of Christians aren't waiting. But God will eventually send you the right one if you are faithful
  9. Anyone know if that whole show is online? I want to know rev runs thoughts
  10. Are you waiting because of Christ and not to sin? If so I would recommend trying out local church groups or young adult organizations. Don't be scared to just say hi how are you? And ask if they have a boyfriend if you think a girls cute. I use to be scared of this but I realized even if they are not interested it feels better to try than to be scared and the worse that can happen is they say no.
  11. I'm 30 it's rough... It seems that most women are married or have kids in there late 20s. Just keep the faith and keep ur eyes open bro praying for u you can do the same for me.
  12. The paint on his face represents my wife's face after... The shocking scene represents me during .....
  13. Waiting for marriage you have to be careful. I believe a couple girls put me in the friend zone but still wanted to "hangout" but not date just so they could hook up with other guys since I wasn't giving them what they desired...
  14. My good friend use to be a strong Christian but says he not anymore because his brother died in Iraq fighting for our country and his family was constantly praying and they all prayed before he left. Before he told me this he asked me why I was such a strong Christian. I told him I know I don't even think God is real because I can feel His spirt a lot and he has answered prayers like healing me from cancer the day before I had surgery. He then asked well if God did it for you why not my brother who believed? I did not really know how to respond except for that God did not cause it but bad things happen in a sinful world. But still their prayers were not answered so this is tough I hate it because I wish everyone could know God like I do.