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  1. What is your dream guy?

    Haven't seen that movie, but heard it isn't family friendly. lol That's ok. You don't have to admit anything.
  2. Welcome, always nice to see a new face here.
  3. Hi! virgin newbie here

    Welcome, glad to see you here and glad that you overcame cancer. You been through a lot and seem in such good spirit. You are truly inspiring.
  4. Your prayers are wanted!

    Finally, great first post and it's very nice of you that you are involved. I'll PM you.
  5. What is your dream guy?

    Matthew McConaughey
  6. Americas BIllion Dollar Divorce Industry

    I didn't watch the whole video, but I recognized the lawyer right away from a sort of satirical post about him on a car site. (Mildly NSFW : It's all the way back from 2012. Man, I'm getting old.
  7. Flowers

    I have to admit a good percentage of guys including myself wouldn't want to receive some pretty much useless dying plants.
  8. Congratulations! Good to hear everything after ldr worked out.
  9. Nothing to see here. Don't click.

    I also clicked the new member icon to get here, so I didn't see the title, lol. Now that I'm here and watched the video, I'm curious which one are you in the clip?
  10. Purity Ring

    While I don't necessarily hate purity rings, my problem with them is I read the majority of teens that get one don't follow through. I don't feel you should need to advertise either. Also, it's not something Biblical, it started in the 90's.
  11. I'm sure there are couples that it is a big problem they deal with. Personally, I don't it will be a big deal to me and not something I would ever consider divorce over.
  12. So, the 76% are dumb and the rest are the real nerds.
  13. No way. Like many of you, I don't support divorce. I take would take the vows very seriously, and don't plan on ever getting divorced. As a waiter, I would only marry for love, not sex. To me the the issue seems very silly to contemplate divorce over. If there becomes an issue, I'll think about it when I get there.
  14. That title is pretty harsh. Usually, I'm in favor for reconciliation. It maybe possible, but from what you stated it seems unlikely. Yeah, I agree. If she is going to pursue another relationship, you shouldn't stick around and wait for it. I personally wouldn't be able to stand that. If that is the case, you should just move on.